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Jen says ...
Cute kid in the photo! Good oral health habits established with your kids at a young age will stick with them for a life time. "it may be hard, but once they learn, they'll be at it forever!
08/28/2008 2:14:41 PM CDT
Carrie says ...
I appreciate the tips and the advice/link out to the fluoride topic.
08/29/2008 9:51:19 AM CDT
Marcy D says ...
To fluoride or not to fluoride that is the question! I appreciate the insight and link the topic.
09/02/2008 12:43:04 PM CDT
Lori says ...
I love the Silly Strawberry!
09/04/2008 12:53:39 PM CDT
Emily says ...
Funny stuff. We tried baking soda at first with our wee ones... imagine this, they didn't go for it. They do like the TOMS Strawberry flavor!
09/05/2008 11:57:42 AM CDT
Stacy M. says ...
Great coverage. It may seem like simple information but it is important to consider.
09/06/2008 1:47:53 PM CDT
Leann Stanford says ...
We Love Tom's Silly Strawberry. It has changed my kids take on brushing!
09/06/2008 1:53:41 PM CDT
Wendy says ...
good brushing habits established early in life will stay with the kids for their entire life.
09/07/2008 8:06:05 AM CDT
Heather says ...
I agree that the flavor of the tooth paste makes a big difference in a child enjoying brushing + if you can have healthy ingredients that is key.
09/07/2008 11:36:58 AM CDT
Nancy Hess says ...
I appreciate the pointers it validates the natural toothpaste approach we have taken with our kids!
09/07/2008 11:57:59 AM CDT
Bennie says ...
Toms has great products. I always enjoy trying the different flavors for adults, the kids love strawberry, maybe in the future they'll try some more flavors for the kids.
09/07/2008 12:16:07 PM CDT
shauna says ...
I love the myrrh flavor! It's so refreshing and provides an easy transition to eat food soon after. Normally after brushing teeth you have to wait to avoid the toothpaste taste and your breakfast flavors combining.
09/13/2008 7:03:57 AM CDT
Dentistry says ...
I've been cleaning my kids' teeth with regular kids' toothpaste found on the market, but always wondered if there were natural oral care options for my children....I'm glad to learn there is. Thanks.
10/09/2008 8:04:04 PM CDT
Cali says ...
My husband and I both suffer from canker sores, and unfortunately my oldest daughter has began getting them too. I recently found out that Sodium Laurel Sulfate can be to blame and that SLS is in toothpaste (among many other things). I thought for sure Toms would be free of SLS, but I checked the ingredients and I was wrong! I couldn't believe it.
06/05/2011 2:17:22 PM CDT