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Need Cheese Inspiration? Look No Further.

Lately I’ve been noticing slate cheeseboards are gaining in popularity. I like them because you can write the cheese name in chalk next to where the cheese is placed. This makes it easy for party guests to scope out the selection and it helps the host remember which cheese is which after a few glasses of wine. And, with the offerings below – you and your guests will have a party for your palates even if some overly enthusiastic cheese enthusiast smudges the descriptions once they’re plated up! As a bonus, each cheese has a suggested wine pairing so you can sip and savor simultaneously. All of the suggested wines are from our Top 10 Wines for the holidays and they're all under $15. That means you can buy more cheese! BONHOMME FRENCH BRIE The mushroom aromas and luscious creaminess in this superbly flavored cheese, the best of Normandy from Isigny Ste. Mère, help celebrate the fresh palate of Pascual Toso Sparkling Brut. ROBUSTO For the ultimate party-season pair, relish the nuttiness of this sharp, Gouda-style Dutch cheese with the distinct citrus notes of Benziger Family Sauvignon Blanc. VERMONT CREAMERY CREMONT The nuttiness of its rind reveals a soft, mixed cow’s and goat's milk cheese with a crème fraîche finish. It’s a buttery, dynamic pairing with Pacific Rim Riesling. HERVÉ MONS CAMEMBERT The classic, earthy pungency and saltiness of this indulgent favorite highlight the richness and decadent hint of vanilla in Cupcake Vineyards Chardonnay. CYPRESS GROVE HUMBOLDT FOG Named for the fog that rolls into the California county where it's made, a layer of ash makes this soft-ripened aged goat cheese distinctive with Cupcake Vineyards Chardonnay. SEASIDE CHEDDAR Milk from cows that graze on the coast gives this classic aged English cheddar a sweet flavor and characteristic crunch, ideal with Chateau Grand Claret Premières Côtes de Bordeaux and Rasteau Les Peyrières. CYPRESS GROVE TRUFFLE TREMOR Made with the finest truffles, the silky texture and deep flavor of this goat's milk cheese become light and fruity with Earthstone Sonoma County Merlot. ROGUE CREAMERY OREGON BLUE Hand selected for Whole Foods Market®, a sweet, buttery Oregon blue. Brings out and balances the dense, spicy flavors in Tarima Organic Monastrell. MANCHEGO Sheep's milk brings a touch of sweetness to this traditional Spanish cheese. Savored with Innovac!òn Malbec-Tempranillo, it makes the wine more juicy and complex. LE GRUYÈRE RESERVE Traditional Swiss cheese making at its best! The complex nuttiness of this holiday treasure highlights the currant and crabapple flavors of Don & Sons Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir. ROQUEFORT Southern France's most beloved sheep's milk blue is deservedly famous for its amazing complexity, crumbly texture and tangy flavor. Ideal with both Rasteau Les Peyrières and Römerhof Beerenauslese. STILTON We've hand-selected this creamy, complex classic from two of its remaining six producers. After more than 200 years, the world famous blue is still hand-crafted in the English countryside. Savor with Cantora Carmenere Cabernet Sauvignon. BOROUGH MARKET CHEDDAR From London's oldest outdoor market comes this quintessential English cheddar. Aged 12 to 13 months, the results are sharp and creamy. Perfect with H&G Chalk Hill Cabernet Sauvignon. Need more holiday inspiration? Visit our holiday hub. Love all things cheese? Follow @WFMCheese on twitter. What are some of your favorite cheeses to serve during the holidays?

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Nancy McSwain says …

Gruyere - with roasted figs, from my fig tree, and Honey Crisp apple slices. Luxurious.

Alannah says …

I've always wondered but never had time to stop and ask in the store... are the fancier cheeses marked if they're vegetarian or not? Or is that something the staff working the counter would know if I asked?

Victor says …

Alannah - the team members behind the cheese counter will know if you ask them. However, if you look at the ingredients on the label "Microbial Enzymes" will be indicative of a vegetarian cheese. "Enzymes" on the label generally means they are animal enzymes.

Alannah says …

Thanks so much for the response, Victor!

sarah says …

I always find such a great cheese selection at your store!