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New Food for Fido

By Private Label Team, August 18, 2008  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Private Label Team
If you haven’t strolled down the pet food aisle lately, you may not know that we’ve expanded our private label line of pet foods. We continue to offer our 365 Everyday Value™ pet foods for a quality human-grade pet food at a value price and have added 365 Everyday Value™ Holistic pet foods for well-rounded nutrition without the use of by-products. Think all pet foods are the same? Think again. Pet food is divided into two separate categories: human and non-human grade. All of our 365 Everyday Value™ pet food products are human grade. Human grade pet foods are processed according to the same manufacturing standards as human foods and they contain ingredients that are free from contamination, disease or adulteration. This means that the meat sources used in our products, including any by-products, are NOT from animals that have been rejected for human consumption. The ingredients are inspected with the same care as if they were to be sold as human food. Our pet food brands offer choice and affordability: the original 365 Everyday Value pet food provides a safe, human grade product that meets pets’ nutritional needs at a great value. By using human grade by-products, we can provide a safe meat and protein source for your pets at an affordable price. Our Holistic selections are made without the use of by-products. Every ingredient used in our Holistic pet food is carefully selected to provide nourishment to the whole pet. Whether it’s oatmeal (promoting a healthy digestive system) or Menhaden Fish Oil (an excellent source of Omega 3 fatty acid), each ingredient in the Holistic pet formula supports important system functions and dietary needs. Additionally, our 365 Everyday Value™ Holistic food is baked and not extruded. Baking is done at lower temperatures over a longer period of time, which maintains the integrity and quality of the ingredients. Transitioning your pet’s food Maybe your puppy has grown into an adult. Perhaps your cat has gained some weight and your vet has suggested a diet regime. No matter what their stage of life, there will come a time to change your pet’s food. Pet food changes can affect digestion. In an effort to reduce the side effects, here’s a suggestion from our resident pet guru and pet food product development manager, Colleen Rogers, on introducing your pet to new foods using a set schedule to slowly ease them into the new routine. “I talked to my vet when my dog, Rudy, started to gain weight. He suggested I switch to a lean formula dog food. He also gave me these easy steps so Rudy’s stomach and taste buds could ease into the new formula making everybody comfortable in the process! On the first day of change, you should have plenty of the old dog food left. Use three quarters of their old food, and one quarter of the new food. You should do this for at least two days. After two days or so, add in another quarter, so you have half old food, half new food. Again, keep it at this level for another two days or so. Then add in a third quarter (one quarter old, three quarters new), and finally you can phase out the old food completely.” Please keep in mind, these are only suggestions. With anything regarding your pet and their food, please consult your veterinarian before you change any feeding methods.
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Krissy says ...
In regards to the 365 brand canned Lamb dog Food. Why does it say "lamb by-products" in the first line of the ingredients? I thought that Whole Foods Market won't sell anything with animal by - products in its products.
08/21/2008 2:13:11 PM CDT
paig292 says ...
@Krissy: Our 365 Everyday Value™ pet foods do contain by-products. They are made from human grade ingredients, which means that the meat sources used in these foods, including any by-products, are NOT from animals that have been rejected for human consumption. If you are looking for a pet food that does not contain by-products, then check out our Holistic pet foods. Thanks.
08/22/2008 4:42:41 PM CDT
Susanne Wright says ...
Exactly what is lamb by-products since lamb liver is listed? Also, what is the location and origin of the Lamb & Rice formula food?
08/26/2008 11:13:08 AM CDT
hsiaw says ...
@Susanne I'm checking with our Private Label Team about the origin of the Lamb & Rice formula food and will be back with you shortly about details on that. As for the first part of your question, according to the Association Of American Feed Control Officials, Inc. (AAFCO), by-products are defined as the non-rendered clean parts, other than meat, from slaughtered mammals. This includes, but is not limited to, lungs, spleen, kidneys, brain, livers, stomachs, and intestines freed of their contents. It does not include hair, horns, teeth and hoofs.
08/26/2008 12:49:34 PM CDT
S W says ...
How do the prices compare for the 365 pet foods containing the by-products vs. similar product in the "Holistic" variety? Aren't the other brands of pet food sold at WFM free of by-products? Is it possible that the by-product version may eventually be phased out in favor of selling only the "Holistic?"
08/27/2008 11:02:43 PM CDT
Kathryn says ...
I noticed the cat food cans selling for 50 cents a can, and went to grab a whole bunch when I noticed the main ingredient was "Meat By Products". What kind of animal is the 'meat' from? I am personally shocked that Whole Foods would carry cat food of such a low quality. I know that 'meat' or 'animal' on a pet food label can mean anything from road kill to euthanized animals from shelters and vets offices. So what random animal parts are in your cat food?
08/28/2008 6:26:48 PM CDT
hsiaw says ...
@Susanne The country of origin is the US.
08/29/2008 9:46:28 AM CDT
hsiaw says ...
@Kathryn Our 365 Everyday Value pet food does include human-grade animal by-products. You can see in Paige's response to Krissy and my first response to Susanne what that means. The meat and meat by-products we use in our pet food do not include any of the ethically questionable possibilities you mention. we have no intention of phasing out the 365 Everyday Value pet foods that contain by-products in favor of only selling “Holistic” foods. We want to give our customers value options when choosing pet foods. The 365 Everyday Value brand pet foods are safe, human grade products that meet pets’ nutritional needs at a great value. By using human grade by-products we can provide a safe meat and protein source for your pets and offer a product at an affordable price.
08/29/2008 9:52:15 AM CDT
hsiaw says ...
@SW Currently, we have no plans of phasing out the 365 Everyday Value pet foods that contain by-products in favor of only selling the Holistic line. We want to give our customers value options when choosing pet foods. The 365 Everyday Value brand pet foods are safe, <em>human grade</em> products that meet pets’ nutritional needs at a great value. By using human grade by-products we can provide a safe meat and protein source for your pets and offer a product at an affordable price.
08/29/2008 2:53:04 PM CDT
S W says ...
Winnie - Thanks for the response. Can you provide a price comparison for a couple of SKUs in the Everyday Value Holistic line vs. comparable items in the non-Holistic? The product has not yet made its way to our store (GHL/Nashville).
08/29/2008 9:29:06 PM CDT
Chuck says ...
@Kathryn Keep in mind that in nature, brain, liver, intestines etc are often the first things that are eaten as they contain higher nutritional value than muscle, which we humans normally consume.
09/15/2008 11:25:17 AM CDT
Joel Rein says ...
We cannot find your 365 label canned dog food in any of the varieties, i.e. Turkey &amp; Rice, Lamb &amp; Rice, or Beef at our local (Greenwich) Whole Foods. Has this excellent product been discontinued, or is this just a temporary shortage? JR
09/17/2008 9:56:23 AM CDT
hsiaw says ...
@Joel I've emailed the leadership at the Greenwich store and will get back to you as soon as I have an answer from them. Thanks for commenting!
09/18/2008 3:03:22 PM CDT
Lisa says ...
I understand that the by-products are "human grade" but would any human food be made from these by-products? If so, what?
09/29/2008 12:01:58 PM CDT
karen says ...
my dog has lost a lot of weight. what brand/type of food would you recommend?
10/07/2008 12:58:17 PM CDT
hsiaw says ...
@karen It'd be best to consult your veterinarian with regards to your dog's diet.
10/07/2008 12:59:31 PM CDT
Bob Cooper says ...
The Wild Oats store in Tampa carried a dog treat that contained crab and fish that appeared to be freeze dried and was wrapped in a brown shell. My dog is limited in what she can eat but loved these treats. The store doesn't have them now. Does anyone know what these treats were called or the website of the manufacturer?
10/18/2008 3:40:47 PM CDT
Amanda says ...
I would like to know if the maufacturer / provider of 365 Everyday Value or 365 Everyday Value Holistic pet foods tests its products on animals. With the recent outing of Iams, I'm interested in purchasing cat food from a company that does not cause suffering of animals to produce or optimize its food. Does your manufacturer engage in animal testing and/or experiments on animal test subjects that endanger the quality of life or health of animals?
10/22/2008 2:19:09 PM CDT
hsiaw says ...
@Amanda Our 365 Everyday Value pet food and 365 Everyday Value Holistic pet food is taste-tested by animals but is never inhumanely tested on animals. The foods are fed to animals in order to ensure that they meet the manufacturer’s claims, such as weight maintenance or special nutrition needs for growing puppies. We make certain that the formulas we sell live up to their claims. The facilities that conduct these taste tests are required to pass annual inspections by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal Care unit to ensure that they meet the requirements put forth by the Animal Welfare Act. Additional inspections are conducted by our manufacturers in order to confirm that these facilities are adhering to even higher standards of animal treatment, veterinary care, sanitation, quality control &amp; documentation among many other inspection criteria. I hope this alleviates your concerns!
10/22/2008 3:14:38 PM CDT
Erin says ...
Picking a food for your dog can be an especially daunting task; especially if your dog has special needs or you have multiple dogs with different needs. If you want to make sure that your dog's dietary needs are being met be sure to talk to your vet and transition to new foods slowly. I think its important to start out with a quality brand of dog food that has several options available for the changing stages of your dog's life. While we never used holistic dog food, we did heavily rely on brand that our vet recommended. However, holisitc dog food can be worth the extra expense because dogs are less likely to have allergic reations to the contents.
11/08/2008 7:24:36 PM CST
Stacy says ...
I was wondering if the human-grade meats used in the Holistic line are from grass-fed / free-range animals?
12/22/2008 6:56:51 PM CST
Susan says ...
I cannot find anywhere listed on the canned 365 dog food WHERE the dog food is made. Between the melamine and the mold killing off pets with food made from China, I want to be sure that the food I buy for my dogs is from the USA. I have bought the chicken strips from WF which are made in China (scary and disappointing). I'd prefer that any food WF sells is NOT from China or Mexico for that matter. I don't trust the companies that say they test their products for melamine. Maybe I'm cynical but clearly there are some sick and dishonest people out there trying to get over on the public and keeping the labels the same. What does WF do to guarantee that there are no TOXINS such as these in products they sell whether private label or from another company?
01/07/2009 2:04:20 AM CST
hsiaw says ...
@Susan The country of origin of our 365 canned dog food is the US.
01/09/2009 3:02:18 PM CST
Adrianne Matzkin says ...
We feed our puppy the 365 Holistic Kibble. Are all the ingredients' origins in the US?
02/02/2009 6:53:51 AM CST
hsiaw says ...
Currently, all of our pet foods are made in the US; however, we cannot give ingredient origins for non-single ingredient products. Please know that we work with all of our vendors, including our pet food vendors, to produce great products that meet the strict quality standards on which Whole Foods Market prides itself. Our Quality Assurance team reviews all of our Private Label vendors, including our pet food vendors, based on their performance at annual third party Good Manufacturing Practices Food Safety Audits. In these audits we review food safety, recall programs, finished product testing, and more as outlined in our auditor protocol guidelines. We always audit new vendors prior to manufacturing and all of our vendors are reviewed annually.
02/02/2009 11:09:08 AM CST