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New Stuff in Stores - April

It's always a treat to find out what the latest and greatest products are before you get to the store. These aren't the only new items this month, but it's enough to whet your appetite. Enjoy!


Amy's Kitchen Wraps
Amy\'s Kitchen

  • More of the goodness of Amy's on-the-go!
  • Hearty ingredients that avoid GMOs, with no transfat, MSG or preservatives
  • Try their new Breakfast Scramble Wrap for your morning, and non-dairy Teriyaki Wrap for lunch


Alter Eco Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Alter Eco

  • The first cold-pressed Fair Trade Certified Olive Oils!
  • Drizzle over your favorite finished dish, use for dipping bread or to make vinaigrette
  • Try both Extra Virgin Mild and Extra Virgin Robust


Food for Life Vegan Patties and Nuggets
Food for Life

  • From a family operated specialty bakery with a passion for natural foods
  • The ultimate in convenience ... just heat and serve
  • Try Moophrey or Cluckphrey patties and Cluckphrey Chic-A-Roos nuggets


Rainbow Light Prenatal Petite Multivitamin
Rainbow Light

  • Gentle formula with easy-to-swallow mini-tabs for a calm stomach
  • Bio-balanced to deliver a full range of essential nutrients
  • Supports a healthy pregnancy!


Country Life Dolphin Pals DHA Gummies for Kids
Country Life

  • 100mg DHA per serving
  • No artificial colors and gluten free
  • Kid-friendly fun dolphin pal shapes and 3 natural flavors


Products may only be available in some stores and only while supplies last.

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Evelyne McNamara says …

How can you blog about a product like Moophrey Burgers and then NOT CARRY IT IN ANY OF YOUR STORES??? I tasted these at my local Loving Hut vegan restaurant. They are fabulous, head and shoulders above Boca, Morningstar and all the other brands. They actually taste like meat (which my 11 year olds crowed about when they ate their Loving Hut burgers), are juicy and delicious. I immediately asked the cook what they used and he told me they were Moophrey and that they had tried all the other brands before finding this one. He told me I should be able to buy it at Whole Foods. My local WF confirmed that several of the local stores had them, but each of them in turn told me no and that they had never seen them. I can apparrently order a case from my store, but no one will commit to stocking them. And then I read your blog and find that it should, indeed, be something you stock. PLEASE!!!! Get them in the stores!