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New Whole Deal Value Guide Out Now

Whole Deal 08-09

Heads up! The August/September issue of The Whole Deal value guide is in stores now - ready to help you wrap up the summer and head back to school. Consider The Whole Deal your cheat sheet for shopping our store. Pick up a copy at your local Whole Foods Market store for more than $35 in money-saving coupons, budget recipes, weekly meal plans, shopping list tips & tools and much more!

Here are some of the features you'll find, and remember, you need to pick up a copy in our stores for the coupons.

Meals for One, Two or Four
Whether you're cooking for the whole family or just yourself, our cost-conscious meal plans offer a week's worth of menu ideas and recipes, plus tips for getting the most from your grocery budget.

Sure Deals
Sure Deals are not overstocked or discontinued items - they're high-quality products where you get more of the good stuff for less than you think. Check out our current Sure Deals.

Three Under $3
At $2.99 or less, you won't find a better value than our selection of Three Under $3 items.

Build a Better Lunchbox
We share lunch lessons learned from The Renegade Lunch Lady, Chef Ann Cooper.

Breakfast + Snacks = Back to Health Basics
Let us do the math. We show you how wise breakfast and snack choices can add up to less calories and less cash with a value greater than you think.

Here's the Deal...
Straightforward food facts, hints & tips for savvy shoppers.

Pop Quiz!
Think you know all there is to know about food, healthy eating and saving? Test yourself with our trivia challenge.

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Rebecca says …

Wow! Lots of great information. I especially found the lunch lessons article helpful. My oldest starts first grade in a week and a half and I am scrambling trying to come up with healthy lunch ideas for him! Ann had some good ideas. Unfortunately my son is a pretty picky eater so I will probably rely on sandwiches made with whole grain bread, homemade mac and cheese made with whole wheat pasta, baby carrots, and apple slices a lot. I do agree with her that investing in some nice containers and a thermos is a good idea. We bought him a thermos last year and we used it nearly every other day. A sandwich container is great also because you don't have to buy sandwich bags and the sandwich won't get smushed before he eats it!

Donna Harris says …

Why aren't coupons from August/September with the expiration date of 9/30/12 available to print, since the store says they don't have anymore coupons and will not honor the coupon savings.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@DONNA - Since this blog post is a bit older, some of the links might have changed to access our coupons. If you are looking specifically for the Whole Deal coupons, you can find them available to print at http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/coupons. A lot of these coupons are valid until 11/30/12 so feel free to let me know if these were not the coupons you were looking for.

mathew says …

yeah, the exciting locales and great music is seriously appealing, but what puts me right over the edge is the incredible food. Have you ever thought about what it takes