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A Nod to Nogs

Nothing shouts “The holidays are here!” quite like the arrival of eggnog. I love the creamy decadence, the taste of tradition, the once-a-yearness of it all. But folks who are vegan or lactose intolerant have been out of luck…until now. Not only does Whole Foods Market® sell organic traditional eggnog, but there are also some great non-dairy nog options to suit your tastes. And all of our nogs are free of any artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives.

I was curious to know how these non-dairy nogs stacked up to the familiar classic eggnog. So, with the help of some co-workers, we put together an unofficial, informal blind taste test here in the office breakroom (alcohol-free, of course). Here are the results:

Earth Balance Organic Soymilk Nog

  • Lactose and dairy free
  • Verified by the Non-GMO Project
  • Made with soybeans grown in the US

Here’s what our tasters said:

  • “Surprisingly creamy for non-dairy.”
  • “Not overly sweet or thick, like nogs can be. “
  • “Very nutmeg-y and not too rich, which is nice.”
  • “Not too thick or ‘spicy’ but still creamy.”

So Delicious Dairy Free Nog Coconut Milk Beverage

From our tasting panel:

  • “Coconut-cream pie in a glass.”
  • “Not like eggnog, but good. Coconut-y.”
  • “Yummy! Tastes like delicious melted ice cream!”
  • “The best yummiest non-dairy drink! “

Organic Valley Organic Eggnog

  • A traditional recipe using organic milk, cream, eggs, vanilla and nutmeg
  • Ultra-pasteurized

Taster comments:

  • “Love it! Tastes just like classic eggnog.”
  • “Very light, tastes like it could be low fat. I like it, but want a bit more nutmeg.”
  • “Nice and creamy, but still kind of light. Not too spicy.”
  • “Just like my mom used to make it. Nice balance of flavors.”

Looking for a non-dairy drink for the holidays that’s not a nog? We have that covered, too! Try the So Delicious Mint Chocolate Coconut Milk Beverage or Westsoy’s Chocolate Peppermint Stick Soy Beverage. And, for the perfect holiday brunch or Christmas morning breakfast, put together Baked Eggnog French Toast in the evening and simply bake it in the morning. Do you have any nog traditions – homemade, from a carton, non-dairy or otherwise?

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Shelly says …

That's a lot of goooood choices, wondering if there is a rice-milk nog too?

Archena says …

Thanks for the suggestions, eggs have been a no no although milk is still ok. Will have to go my local Johns Creek Whole Foods Market and get one of these

Gracie says …

Organic is the way to go if you want good taste and less,"what am i eating?" look on your face!

bethkahn says …

I have been looking all over for this. Not TJ's, not Target and was going to check Safeway etc., but now don't need to. And yes it is excellent!! Especially with brandy or rum.

Mary says …

What about the Bolthouse Farms Holiday Nog? It's delicious, lower in fat and calories, and has healthy ingredients. Great substitute for all that (also delicious) heavy cream. My family really enjoys this product.

Rosey says …

Yum, so cool that vegan nogs exist! I love the Earth Balance on the best, the flavor is great and it's not too thick. By the way, they are running a holiday Bake-Off contest on their blog and giving away a grand prize of $1,400 Whole Foods gift card! More info at: http://www.madejustright.com/post/earth-balance-holiday-bake-off

Kristin says …

Great post! Love that you did a blind taste test. I've been wondering how a non-dairy nog would taste. Now I'm not afraid to pick one up. Thanks!

Jennifer says …

Looking forward to trying some great new nogs - Silk Nog has been my standby as well. You mention Westsoy Chocolate Peppermint Stick - does WF still carry this? I haven't been able to find it anywhere for a couple of years now. Used to be my favorite holiday treat. Thanks!

says …

@Jennifer Some stores offer a different array of nogs. The best way to learn if your community Whole Food Market offers the Westsoy Chocolate Peppermint Stick Nog is to reach out to them directly. The link below will help you identify the contact information for that store and a Team Member there will be happy to chat with you. www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores

Kirsten says …

Silk makes a great soy-based egg nog as well, and I'm pretty sure Whole Foods carries it.

c says …

I looooooooveeee u guys so much!!!

Karen says …

Thanks, I will try the non-dairy nog. I don't drink milk, I love my soy milk.

Adam says …

Silk nog is my old standby, but the So Delicious nog is yummy.. if you like coconut and want the thickness of a traditional dairy based nog, try it out there is a rice milk nog by Rice Dream, but it's very thin and watery, not so noggy, I wouldn't recommend it unless you have to avoid soy and coconut as well.. otherwise go for the others

John Faircloth says …

We love making Egg Nog French Toast with fat slices of Whole Foods Pannetone!

stephanie torres says …

This sounds delish, going to give it a try. So Delicious Dairy Free Nog Coconut Milk Beverage

Michael says …

I like the Silk nog much better than the Earth Balance. The flavor of the Silk is right, and the texture is reasonable. The Lactaid egg nog is a wonderful option, and I'm really sad that the Whole Foods around Boston don't carry it.

stacy says …

wish you carry lactaid eggnog. My husband is lactose intolerant and is also allergic to soy and coconut.

Teri Verbeck says …

Hi just curious when the soy nog will be available in stores - last year our store ran out and it was awful - I am a diabetic and this was a wonderful treat for me. I don't want to miss out. Also there was a peppermint drinlking I was told of but it was out by the time I figured out how quickly this product moves. Please ensure we have a lot of supply Thanks Teri

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@TERI - Arrival of products will vary between stores. Check with your local store to see when they expect to have this in stock. They might also be able to special order some for you if they start to run out!

sarah says …

I imagine the soy would be closest to the real deal. I used to like coconut but it is SO overpowering, am just burnt out. This is the only thing i really miss in No Dairy World. A rice or almondmilk option would be yummy.... and i have eggnog flavoring for candy-making and baking. Hmm, time for some experimenting! :0)

Tom says …

My wife and I love to add the lactose free egg nog to our Chai tea. We have frozen about 9 carton to use at a later date to extend the use. Do you sell these year round or just through the holiday's. And where are you located? That's.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@TOM - Most of our stores will only sell egg nog during the holidays. You can always check with your local store to see what they have left in stock. You can search for your closest store at http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/list.