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20 Leftover Turkey Recipes We Are Thankful For

  Leftovers are one of the best parts of Thanksgiving as far as we’re concerned, and we have lots of ideas for getting creative with cooked turkey. For ideas on using other leftovers from the Thanksgiving meal, covering everything from stuffing and gravy to mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce, check out our guide to making the most of leftovers. *Substitute leftover turkey on recipes that call for chicken or ham Pot Pies

Soups, Stews and Curries

Casseroles, Enchiladas and Quiche

Sandwiches and Wraps


What are your top tips for using leftovers to create delicious meals?

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Vered says …

Great recipes! My top leftover turkey recipes: http://healthyrecipesblogs.com/category/leftover-turkey-recipes-2/

Jeanette says …

I like leftover turkey on a sandwich of cheddar jalepeno bread with mayo and maybe tomato slices. I like yams sliced and warmed for breakfast with butter, toasted walnuts and a little warm maple syrup, waffle optional. I also like cranberry sauce on the slices. Waffles with a small dallop of vanilla ice cream and warmed cranberry sauce is delicious, maybe add a little cinnamin to the sauce. (I make this for Thanksgiving "breakfast" potlucks) When I make glazed carrots (brown sugar, butter and orange zest), these leftovers are good on a waffle too. You can also put these sweet leftovers on toast too. (butter and glazed carrots, cream cheese and cranberry)

Ruth Washington says …

I ordered a turkey in-store several days before needing it to cook for the Holiday. I picked up the turkey on the date and time stated when ordering. However, the picture shown to me at the time I ordered the turkey was not what i was given, and in a rush I did not realize it until i arrived home. The picture Whole Foods showed me had lots of veggies and condiments stuffed in it, the one I received had some diced veggies underneath it. I also was informed the turkey would be marinated with garlic, herb, and butter. However, the turkey was not marinated at all and had a very small amount of seasoning sprinkled on top. Also I was informed that the turkey would come with cooking instructions; however, the turkey had no cooking instructions nor did it have the weight of the turkey, and had no label at all on the turkey. I was quite disappointed with this, since I ordered turkey from Whole Foods on previous Holidays and the turkey and the experience was perfect. The experience I had this Christmas could have been a lot worse, if i were not an experienced cook of turkeys; being uninformed of the weight of a turkey could cause someone to over or under cook the turkey. Also believing a turkey has been appropriately seasoned when it had not, could also result in a not-so-tasty experience. Once I figured it all out and was able to cook the turkey, the turkey did end up being of good quality and very tasty. I appreciate your arranging this assistance in preparing the turkey for in-store order. However, please ensure you deliver what is promised. Thank you for continuing to uphold your committment to quality.

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@RUTH - I'm sorry to hear about your recent purchase. If you have not already let the store know, they would greatly appreciate this feedback so they can improve their images to reflect the proper product.