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Preparing for Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time for celebration, but the mountains of advice that accompany it can create confusion amidst your joy. Listen in for solid recommendations that support not only mom and baby’s wellbeing, but also that of the environment. Anna Getty is a green living lifestyle educator, mother and founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month.

  • Pregnancy is a joyous time in a woman’s life, but it can also be confusing because there’s a lot of advice out there.
  • Many women want solid recommendations that support not only their own health and their baby’s, but also the environment.
  • Most people are prompted to start making healthy changes in their lives when they find out a baby is on the way.  However, the expert is trying to get the word out that motherhood actually begins before conception.
  • It is important to lay down a strong foundation to get the mind, body and spirit ready to conceive.
    • Doing a cleanse before pregnancy is a great way start this journey.
    • Cutting out things like alcohol, caffeine, sugar and recreational drug use can make it easier to get pregnant.
    • Getting the body strong and fortified with nutritious food, exercise and rest can help you have a healthy pregnancy and post-partum.
    Here are the top healthy changes to make that will benefit themselves, their baby, and the environment:
    • Eating fresh organic, seasonal foods can make a difference to women wanting to get pregnant, to the health of their babies and the environment.
    • Investing in a water filter and cutting out buying plastic water bottles will make a difference too.
    • Taking a high quality prenatal multivitamin
    • Supplementing with DHA.  Fish oils are great options but there are vegetarian options as well.
      • DHA has been shown to help with the baby’s brain development.
    Here are some of the topics that pregnant women are most often confused about:
    • Many women are confused about food. Eating well is paramount to a healthy pregnancy and baby.
    • A lot of women use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever, sugar, junk food.
    • Women are also told not to trust themselves. We have been giving birth for 200,000 years and now all of a sudden we do not trust our bodies. Women need to be empowered.
    Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM) aims on empowering women:
    • PAM is a month long educational campaign aimed at empowering women as they move into pregnancy.
    • The campaign is the month of May.
    • There are four initiatives: education, exercise, nutrition & wellness, and nurturing.

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Danielle says …

Amazing what a difference eating well makes when pregnant! I will be 36 next month, and delivering our first child. So far everything has been going well, with thanks to the Good Lord and good food options- we have a large Whole Foods store where I live. I very much appreciate being able to shop without worry of what is going inside our little developing girl's body (and mine). Question: Does anyone have any ideas about the safety of Stevia and green tea while pregnant? I am concerned about gestational diabetes- mom and dad both have type II diabetes, and mom had gestational diabetes while pregnant... Thanks for all help!

says …

Danielle, It is best to consult with your doctor or other medical care practitioner when making specific decisions about your diet or fitness regimen. We can offer ideas, but we are not doctors. :) Winnie

Nora says …

I'm a Lamaze instructor and a doula and I always start out my first session with the importance of nutrition during pregnancy. I'm amazed at how many women are not aware that what they choose to eat or don't eat can affect the well-being of their baby and themselves. Healthy eating and drinking lots of water during pregnancy also makes for healthy body tissue which will aid the woman during her labor as well. Expectant dads can help too by eating right and encouraging moms to do the same. Thank you for your article!

Jennifer Kipp says …

Yes! This is a great article. I especially love your point of women being told not to trust themselves during pregnancy and that we do need to be empowered, not made to feel out of control and confused. Lots to think about here. Thanks!

wanda says …

This is my first pregnancy and l need help on every thing from what eat, to what to do,and what not to do period.

kathryn says …

I would love to come and teach a pre-natal yoga class on your patio during the month of May- who can I connect with? thanks Kat!

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@KATHRYN - That sounds awesome! Check with the marketing team at your local store to see if they would like to partner with you on this and if the space is available to use!