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Preparing for Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time for celebration, but the mountains of advice that accompany it can create confusion amidst your joy. Listen in for solid recommendations that support not only mom and baby’s wellbeing, but also the environment. Anna Getty is a green lifestyle educator, mother and founder of Pregnancy Awareness Month.

Motherhood actually begins before conception:
  • Doing a cleanse before pregnancy is a great way start this journey.
  • Strengthening the body with nutritious food, exercise and rest can help with a healthy pregnancy and post-partum.
Making healthy changes can benefit the mother, the baby, and the environment:
  • Eat fresh organic, seasonal foods.
  • Invest in a water filter and eliminate plastic water bottle use.
  • Take a high quality prenatal multivitamin.
  • Supplement with DHA, which has been shown to help with a baby’s brain development.
The topics pregnant women are most often confused about include:
  • Many women are confused about food and use pregnancy as an excuse to eat sugar and junk food. Eating well is paramount to a healthy pregnancy and baby.
  • Women are sometimes told not to trust themselves. We have been giving birth for 200,000 years and need to stay empowered.
Pregnancy Awareness Month (PAM) aims to empower women:
  • PAM is a month long educational campaign in May aimed at empowering women as they move into pregnancy.
  • There are four initiatives: education, exercise, nutrition & wellness, and nurturing.

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Marla says …

I was reading about eliminating plastic water bottle use and then I started thinking about my baby.... I was really impressed when I walked into the baby section this month and saw stainless steel baby bottles and sippy cups aptly named the "Safe Starter" and "Safe Sippy." Why stop with Mom we need to protect our children from Plastic!!! I did quite a bit of research into stainless steel and have found it's anti microbial, it doesn't leach, it's odorless, indestructible, it's super lightweight for little hands and you can recycle it! I bought several of both and my little ones love them too! Kudos Whole Foods-Thank you for being the trailblazers once again!!!!

Terri Cerillo says …

On April 22, 2011 the New York Post published a small article in the business section and I quote. "A Florida Judge allowed a lawsuit to proceed that claims Whole Foods violated the state law by selling frozen vegetables from CHINA grown in a polluted region by prisoners and certified as organic". Since I shop regularly at Whole Foods and rely on their honesty, I found this to be quite disturbing. I now have to question your claims that everything Whole Foods sells is certified organic and/or grown locally. I'm no longer sure that I can trust Whole Foods. Thank you, Terri Cerillo Rutherford, New Jersey

K says …

I think it's hard on an expecting mother who has to work so much, so close to birth. It can be stressfull. I know in a lot of other countries they give a lot of time off to expecting parents not only after but before the birth.

Patti says …

Pregnancy is a great time to start thinking about breastfeeding your baby. Attend a breastfeeding class, identify a lactation consultant and look for a breastpump if you are returning to work. Breastmilk is 100% natural and organic. Designed for your baby.

Samantha Sophia says …

Wow Terri, that article (if true) is very disturbing!

Samantha Sophia says …

I do think this pregnancy warrants an investment in a filter for my family!

Marie says …

Does anyone recommend a brand of clense?

Romina says …

I agree with Patty. As a dietitian, I recommend you to start thinking about breastfeeding even before getting pregnant. Be prepared. Thousands of studies favor human milk as the best for your child. It can prevent infections, obesity and chronic diseases, allergies,and many other conditions. Also, it's good for the environment, it's free, and helps you lose a few pounds!