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Preparing Pasta

One of the simplest meals to prepare is pasta. For novices as well as experienced cooks, pasta opens the door to many value-focused meals. Listen in as nutritionist and natural foods chef Alana Sugar shares her tips for enjoying pasta on a budget. Here are a few of our favorite pasta recipes. What are yours?

Also, check out our Guide to Pasta for more information.

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Monique says …

Hello, Another great idea for quick, really delicious, pasta treat that is affordable. I'm the owner of Al Dente Pasta-the one that cooks in 3 minutes and tastes just like homemade. I have been sampling Al Dente Whole Wheat Fettuccine and Al Dente Garlic Fettuccine topped with Whole Pantry Bruschetta Toppings (Mixed Olive, Mixed Grilled Vegetable, Artichoke, Sundried Tomato) at the Chicago Canal Street Store. Literally, I sold through every bag of pasta-it was so good! And quick! 5 Minutes and your home!