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Rushing Waters Trout Farm

Rushing Waters Trout Farm Palmyra, WI Farming isn’t just a Monday through Friday job – it’s an every day, every hour job – in particular when your goal is the highest-quality, freshest trout available. Over the years, their philosophy has changed: quality over quantity. In fact, the farm has been chemical free since 1999. The lack of harmful chemicals improved not only the quality of their fish, but also of the water and the land. Rushing Waters hatches their rainbow trout from egg and raises them up to one pound for onsite harvesting. Since all their filleting and smoking is done in-house right on the farm, fish are cut to order and delivered the same day. People are encouraged to visit the farm, fish for their own trout, and most importantly, learn how Rushing Waters operates. After all, it’s important for Rushing Waters that people see where their food comes from. Learn more about Rushing Waters Trout Farm in this short video.

Don’t live close enough to experience their trout for yourself? We’ve got local vendors all around the country providing great products like this. Check your local store for what’s available in your neck of the woods.

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paig292 says …

@Jane I pulled this information about feeding the fish from Rushing Waters website: "Fish begin life on the farm as fertilized eggs. We tend the eggs in our hatchery for two weeks before the hatching takes place. These are not just ordinary run-of-the-mill trout. We raise an exceptional strain of rainbow trout called 'Kamloops.' They are fed a specially formulated trout diet rich in natural proteins without using any animal byproducts. Trout at Rushing Waters will reach one-pound size in eighteen months. During their life, the fish are constantly sorted and graded according to size. Harvesting the fish by hand year-round ensures a consistently high quality fish that has the flavor and texture our customers prefer." Feel free to connect directly with them if you have more questions. Here's a link: http://www.rushingwaters.net/index.html Thanks!

Jane Wentz says …

I like what I see in this video and I love trout. However I have always been skeptical of farm-raised fish. Please tell me/us what is in the feed you give the fish. Also why do you feed them? Can't they find enough food naturally in the water? Thank you for your answers. Jane

Darell Ferguson says …

Anyone made some fine points there. I looked on the net for the problem and found nearly all guys will approve with your site.

Donna Eberwine says …

Hi, I love trout and I'm interested in your product. Can you answer a couple of questions: (1) what is in the fish pellets you feed them? (2) have you analyzed their omega-3 content, compared with wild trout? Thanks if you can answer either question. Best of success in 2013!

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@DONNA - Thanks for your comment. I would encourage you to reach out directly to the farm at (800) 378-7088 for answers to your questions. They should be able to help you out!