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Satsuma Citrus You Got There

Derek Vaughn proudly works at Johnston Farms in the San Joaquin Valley near Bakersfield, California. It’s a four-generation farming operation producing premium citrus while utilizing soil management techniques such as low tillage, cover crops and sterilized manure to replenish the soil. In this episode of Hungry for More, follow host Kieron Elliot as he gets up in the trees picking Satsumas and on his knees begging to drive the forklift. Will he help get fruit fresh to market before he eats all the profits? Satsuma or Clementine? Taste test and get back to us!

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Sharon Walton says …

These are the best i've ever had!!!!!!!!! I would share mine with my wonderful son who saved a life on the job in Columbus NE last week. The person walke to close to the train as it was going 50MPH. My son was sitting inthe yard house and heard the train go into emergency road. The person had lots of bones broken but he was able to get him calmed down enough so he didn't hurt him self more. Reasure him help was on the way, get the train uncupabled and moved apart so the rescure squad could get to the victim. How much prouder could a mother be of her son!!!!! Who else deserves sharing these delicious delicacies with!!

Kim Schad says …

Never had them, but love giving my elderly neighbors a little something to enjoy.

sahmed says …

I like citrus of all kind, and will love to share with friends and family as well as with my kids that I teach at preschool.

sahmed says …

I like citrus of all kind, and will love to share with friends and family as well as with my kids I teach at preschool.

sylvia Hines says …

I would love to share these lovely colorful and tasty, Satsuma Citrus with my family and friends for the holidays. We wouldn't waste a bit of the lovely fruit or peel. My family loves candied citrus peels, I would dip them into chocolate for a special holiday treat, I know they all would love. Sylvia