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Sheryl Crow + Whole Foods Market + NRDC = A Better Bag

By Private Label Team, October 15, 2008  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Private Label Team

We have a really cool new bag coming out! You’ve probably seen our large grocery tote bags made from recycled plastic bottles for only 99 cents. Our customers have given us great feedback on them. When it came time to design a new bag, we wanted to make it even better. We came up with several ideas and these two rose to the top: 1. generate public interest in reusable bags by getting an environmentally conscious celebrity to help design the bag and 2. highlight a strong environmental program on the bag that is helping to change our world. Done and done. Sheryl Crow collaborated with us on the design of the bag. Didn’t it turn out great?

The Natural Resources Defense Council promotes a great program called Simple Steps. In addition to our monetary donation to the NRDC, each bag has the SimpleSteps.org website printed on it, which encourages customers to embrace simple steps in their everyday lives that reduce consumption and consider the environment. Since it is gift-giving season, the bags are available in the large grocery tote size and also in a smaller, gift bag size for only 79 cents. Check ‘em out and let us know what you think. When we sell through this run of bags, we’ll be designing the next version. What ideas do you have for taking these to the next level?




hsiaw says ...
@Shelley Best thing to do if you want a bag, but live far away from a store is to call your nearest store and see if they will ship you some.
10/30/2008 3:04:20 PM CDT
Susan says ...
Great new bag, can't wait to buy one. You should have new bags bi-annually from other 'green' celebrities. Great promotion idea for both you and the need for everyone to use reusable bags. In regards to someone previously saying you needed a bag for frozen items, you already have them available (at least in California) and they are great! The insulated bags (blue side saying 'Cool Down' and the red side saying 'Warm Up') work wonderfully for all frozen and refrigerated items or for hot items, if you've bought dinner at the prepared-food stations. The bags themselves are much more usable than the ones they sell at Trader Joes because I've tried them both and yours are designed and sized the best.
10/30/2008 3:44:20 PM CDT
mandara says ...
Are these bags made in China though? I have trouble supporting that, even though the bags reduce waste. Please try to make bags locally and from recycled materials- Thanks!
10/30/2008 8:49:31 PM CDT
Steve SIlver says ...
Sheryl's bag is not recyclable. Why not think this whole thing through and market a bag made from recycled materials that can be recycled over & over?
11/04/2008 10:04:53 AM CST
Madison says ...
We think that you should not use plastic bags as an option for bagging groceries. We know that you give out bags that are recycled and you often give out paper bags but plastic bags are just awful for the environment and wildlife. If you would please go to the the site below we would appreciate it very much. The site will tell you about the affects of plastic bags. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/environmental-pollution-the-harmful-effects-of-plastic-bags.html Sincerely, Emma and Madison
11/07/2008 11:39:49 AM CST
Suzi says ...
Ditto on the request for reusable bags for fruits/veggies/bulk. Someday? I too second the notion that longer handles would help the commuters, AND, of course made in the USA would absolutely make a better statement. I know that the consumers would pay more for something with handle options and made locally. Cheers!!
10/31/2008 4:17:16 PM CDT
Jacqueline Jakle says ...
It's fun to keep updating not only the bag designs, but also the features of the bags. I am concerned about recycling plastic due to the unsafe chemical content. I have 2 of the original hot/cold quilted bags (red and blue) and 6 of the original green bags, which I keep in my car inside a larger canvas bag, along with several organic cotton net bags I use for produce and fruit when I shop. I also keep a medium size tote bag in the car that holds a stainless steel thermos for water, coffee and a snack for days when I'm running errands. One of my observations when I am shopping at WF is that the people who put the groceries in my "green" bags stuff them so full that I cannot even lift them! Please instruct the "baggers" how to load the green bags. Thanks!
10/30/2008 7:22:12 AM CDT
Stephanie says ...
I looked at the pictures after the reply that the large bag has straps long enough to get on your shoulder and I agree a smaller person could do so. Unfortunately I don't fit in that category and once winter hits, it would never fit over my winter coat. Could there be two versions, one with the current straps and one with longer (at least double the current length)? That'd be awesome!
10/30/2008 10:00:35 AM CDT
Kim says ...
Love these reusable bags! I can't stop buying them, and I take them everywhere with me. I also love the fact that you redesign the bags; this keeps the program fresh and unique. I would also like to see a bag for frozen food. Since I do not have access to Whole Foods in NJ (I don't have a car) and I work in Manhattan, I transport my food home via bus. Usually the trip takes 25 minutes, however, if the bus gets stuck in traffic (which it has, on many occasions), and I'm bringing home cold or frozen food, I'd like to know that I have a bag that would keep the contents reasonably cold. I would also like to comment on the Whole Foods canvas fold-up cart that I bought last year. In theory, the cart is a great product, however, the rough NYC concrete shredded a portion of the cart. I used electrical tape to fix it, but it only peeled off. If you are considering bringing these carts back (and really, I think you should), then I would like to suggest to make the bottom part better reinforced by using recycled tires or some other material. Thanks for all of the recycling offers that Whole Foods provides; keep up the good work!
10/30/2008 10:44:54 AM CDT
Sassie312 says ...
I was struggling buying gift bags for my destination wedding until I saw these. They send a great message and are reusable for our guests!
10/22/2008 11:31:05 AM CDT
Arayna says ...
Love that you have added a smaller version, sometimes you only need to pick up one or two small items. I agree, you should come up with an insulated bag such as the ones from Dryers for frozen items. Thanks
10/30/2008 9:58:20 AM CDT
Diane Eblin says ...
Love the little tote. Used it as a gift bag this week for a friend. She was delighted she got 2 gifts.
10/29/2008 3:56:17 PM CDT
hsiaw says ...
@darrin Check with your nearest Whole Foods and see if they would be willing to ship some bags. You can find contact information for our stores here: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/all/index.php
10/27/2008 9:12:14 AM CDT
hsiaw says ...
@Carmela The Better Bags are made in China. This is indicated on the bag’s inner tag. A third party audit has ensured the manufacturer meets our expectation regarding the fair treatment of workers, product safety standards, and environmental stewardship.
10/30/2008 12:56:36 PM CDT
hsiaw says ...
@tdeguzman Check with Customer Service at your local Whole Foods. I do not believe bags have sold out at any of our stores as of today.
10/27/2008 9:11:28 AM CDT
Shelly says ...
Too bad the same concept can't be applied and have the bags made here in the United States. That would just add one more plus to the bags being available. (Is there anyway to purchase these bags online, without having to drive a great distance to the nearest Whole Foods?)
10/30/2008 2:57:10 PM CDT
Angela says ...
How about one with wildlife on it?
10/30/2008 11:42:27 AM CDT
Jo Ann Collins says ...
I have a great idea to promote "going green" with those who really need to know........our children. Promote school gardens with a Whole Foods Market bag designed by a child. In the Fort Worth area several schools have been funded by a grass roots organization called Real School Gardens. Check out the website www.realschoolgardens.org for more info. They fund low income schools with money to build a outdoor learning environment. We need to prepare our children to take care of our earth and eat the harvest it can provide!
10/29/2008 10:18:18 PM CDT
Nancy says ...
Love the new bag because it is easier to fill than my cotton bags are, but really wish they were made in the USA.
10/24/2008 10:32:24 AM CDT
Carmela Candelas says ...
Who is the manufacturer of these bags? And are made in the USA? Thanks. CC
10/30/2008 12:17:06 PM CDT
Mary Jo says ...
I have your bright color bags with the fruit on them and love them! I don't leave on a shopping trip without them. I have to say I like the fact that you can get a smaller bag now because sometimes when the big bags are full they can get pretty heavy. But I do not like the color of the new bags I think if you are going to carry a bag it sould be bright and fun!
10/24/2008 9:17:08 AM CDT
terry p says ...
i like the new bags, very cute. as for suggestions for new bags, i would like to suggest a slogan of "go local" and have each region have a contest with its local area school to design artwork to represent the locally grown produce or products. it's a great way to get the community excited.
10/23/2008 9:05:56 PM CDT
Karin deV. says ...
One lady showed me a 'Green' bag with compartments for bottles (4 ~ velcro-held flap-compartments: 2 on opposite sides). I looked inside her bag and the compartments looked very practical! She had purchased a package-of-6 at Costco for less than $4.95. "But this style has been discontinued. All they carry now is a large bag, without those round velcro held-flaps for bottles. I guess most customers prefer a simple large bag..." Well, I only shop for myself, and a small version of the bag that lady had is just perfect for me, and those compartments are a big PLUS! KdV
10/23/2008 9:06:07 PM CDT
joni kirby says ...
Great idea for the bags..let’s get more celebrities involved, maybe Barack will design one!!!
10/30/2008 11:01:47 AM CDT
Lori says ...
Even with bringing my own shopping bags and avoiding plastic packaging as much as possible, I feel like I still leave the store with more plastic than I'd like. How about some small washable WF bags for fruits and veggies, that could be used for bulk foods too?
10/29/2008 8:19:13 PM CDT