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Erin Schrode is the co-founder and spokeswoman of Teens Turning Green, a student-led movement promoting global sustainability, youth leadership, environmental education and conscious lifestyle choices.  Have you ever felt as if you wanted to “do something,” but didn’t know where to start? Project Green Challenge is that chance, your entry point into action and sustainability. Our upcoming 30-day eco lifestyle challenge is mobilizing high school and college students nationwide through fun, simple and high impact daily steps. We challenge you to complete themed actions each day in October. Can you do it? Can you take your life from conventional to conscious? I am proud to say that Project Green Challenge (PGC) is an initiative of youth, by youth, for youth! Our team of more than fifteen interns, staff, partners and a number of newly-appointed PGC campus reps has spent the last four months working tirelessly to develop the program structure, corporate and non-profit partnerships, and our multimedia platform. We have spoken with hundreds of high schools, colleges and universities about grounding this initiative, incorporating the Challenge into campus culture, extracurriculars, even curriculum. Involve your campus – because this is a nationwide competition for schools too. Win an on-campus Sustainability 101 event, eco resource fair, organic lunch for leadership council, ice cream party, green cleaning supplies, and consultation with Teens Turning Green to set your school on a greener path. This is the beginning of a dynamic, collective, student-led movement to shift the paradigm! We are using social and traditional media, a robust digital platform, and strong on-campus presence to bring the Challenge to you, into the hands of our generation. As a twenty-year-old, I fully understand the need for relevant themes and straight-forward actions to ensure the Challenge is accessible to young people and has maximum impact. Here’s a short video we created that you can post and share with your friends: Bottom line: I want to empower YOU. I want to inform and inspire, showing my peers that small changes in our daily actions really can have a positive effect on our health and the environment. Sign up to take the 30-day eco lifestyle Challenge and we will deliver the daily challenges directly to your inbox, complete with resources, tips, a glossary, experts, videos and more. When it is this simple and high impact, there’s no excuse for you not to join the movement to change the world – and spread the word far and wide! Delve deeper, become more engaged, complete the green, greener and greenest levels of daily challenges, share your experiences with our audience – and you might just earn yourself a spot in the Challenge Finals! Ten finalists will be flown to San Francisco for an educational and inspiring two-day eco summit, which we have titled Green University. You could win some really phenomenal prizes too! A $5000 college scholarship, $1000 gift card for Whole Foods Market, weekend trip for two to southern California, bicycle courtesy of Natracare, full eco dorm or room makeover, year’s supply of Nature’s Path breakfast and snack foods, organic and ethical clothing, natural body products, and much more. We aim to raise awareness about conscious living, informed consumption, and the collective impact of individual actions, as well as empower students with actionable steps for their own lives. Help us get the word out! If we all take the Challenge and commit to being the change we wish to see in the world, then yes, we can build a powerful, diverse and far-reaching movement that inspires this generation to lead the transition from conventional to conscious and sustain our world. Sign up for Project Green Challenge today!

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says …

@Niki Good question. Since this project is run by an organization called Teens Turning Green, the best way to get the most accurate information is to check out their website and contact them directly. I've copied a link to their contact information below as well as a link to their general homepage. Thanks for reaching out! http://projectgreenchallenge.com/index.html http://projectgreenchallenge.com/contact.html

says …

@Christy It would be cool to participate in an adult program, huh! Since this project is run by a group called Teens Turning Green, the best way to get the most accurate and complete response to your question regarding adult programs would be to contact them directly. I've copied the link to their contact page below. Go team green! http://projectgreenchallenge.com/contact.html

Melissa Rigler says …

I love the idea, too bad my kids are too young for this challenge! I am part of my kids' elementary school Earthwise Committee, promoting recycling, trashless lunches, composting, etc. at school. A school-wide challenge for grades k-5 would be great - any ideas or suggestions?

Christy says …

My boyfriend and I are older than college age...can we still do this? or is there something similar for adults?

Niki says …

Is this just for school kids? I am a mom of four who would love to get the whole family envolved.

Ervin says …

I couldn't resist commenting. Well written! Ervin