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Simple Ways to Enjoy Winter Salads

Salads are a tasty, easy meal solution no matter what the time of year.

Preparing delicious salads, even warm salads, in winter is as simple as knowing what's in season.

This time of year switch to dark leafy greens, cold-weather vegetables like broccoli, beets and squash and seasonal fruits like pears and citrus. Add roasted root vegetables and more flavorful dressings to balance the heartier tastes and textures.

For a full-meal salad, finish with cooked beans, meat or seafood and a bit of flavorful cheese or toasted nuts.

Ready to put it all together? Start with a mix of greens such as baby kale, spinach, arugula, Napa cabbage or your favorite salad greens.

Add one of these combinations and toss with your favorite dressing (here’s how to make easy dressing at home):

• Radishes, chives, citrus segments

• Bean sprouts, ginger, green onions, almonds

• Red peppers, corn, chiles, lime

• Radicchio, garlic, lemon, watercress

• Roasted turnips, sliced apples, tarragon vinaigrette

• Carrots, fennel, walnuts, citrus segments

• Roasted cauliflower, mushrooms, chives

• Roasted Brussels sprouts, sliced apples, pine nuts

• Roasted butternut squash, pears, pecans

• Watercress, beets (roasted or grated raw), citrus segments

That's just the start. From various leafy greens and root vegetables to fruits and nuts, experimentation is easy. We've gathered twelve tasty winter salad recipes that use fresh, seasonal ingredients to inspire you.

Of course, there are a ton of other salad combinations out there so let’s hear them! What's your signature salad this winter?

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Shakeima Chatman says …

Mixed greens, walnuts, cranberries, grapes, apples and feta cheese tossed in balsamic vinaigrette! Yummy#

Jonka says …

Esther, Thank you. I am a foreigner (European transplant) and have been wondering about this popular word (healthy). Your advice comes very handy. I may not be able to improve my accent, but am striving to respect the rules of the language of this hospitable country.

Esther says …

Is it possible to be concerned about good health AND also good English usage? Good grammar? As one who uses the word "healthy" so often, would you PLEASE PLEASE distinguish between "healthy" (enjoying good health) and "healthful" (promoting good health)? If you take a bite out of a really HEALTHY water hemlock plant, you would probably die (it's the most poisonous wild plant on the North American continent). Recipes cannot be healthy. Food (except live plants and animals) cannot be healthy. Exercise cannot be healthy. Sleeping enough cannot be healthy. But all of these are healthful. Thanks, and good health to you.

Sabrina says …

These all look fabulous! My favorite winter salad is a warm salad with kale, carrots, & potatoes in a dressing made with wholegrain mustard & basalmic vinegar, with a dash of black pepper. To make it, put the potatoes in the steamer, two minutes later add the carrots, then two minutes later add the kale and cook for six more minutes - takes only ten minutes in total. Then stir in a big spoonful of mustard & a small spoonful of vinegar & sprinkle on the pepper. Enjoy!