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Simply the Best Meat for Summer Grilling

Winter weather has long since passed, the spring cleaning and planting has been done, and now is the time I get to relax and enjoy the backyard grilling season otherwise known as summer.  I have a deep connection with cooking over an open flame, (talk about going back to basics) plus you just can’t beat the taste of great grilled food. 

That’s why, as we move into the summer months, I hungrily anticipate the three great grilling holidays: Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. I’m a meat guy; and as part of the team that sources the best quality meat for Whole Foods Market®, I care as much about the meat that goes on your grill as what goes on mine. We all do. And we have world-class butchers in our stores, cutting, prepping and selecting the best meat for you. All of our fresh beef comes from animals that are part of Global Animal Partnership’s 5-Step™ Animal Welfare Rating Program. Plus, they’re never given hormones or antibiotics, ever.

Are burgers your grill-time staple? All of our fresh burgers are made in house from whole muscle. You won’t find any pink slime here.

If burgers aren’t on your menu, we also have a wide variety of steaks.  From grass-fed to grain-finished — each has their own unique attributes.  Grass-fed beef is a lean option that has a robust flavor, or if you like your steak a bit richer, then try one of our prime steaks.  If you are looking for the perfect blend of flavor and tenderness, then head for the dry-aged section of your local meat counter. 

Be sure to call ahead though; not all of stores have an in-house dry-aging room. Our in-house prep work doesn’t stop at grinding and dry-aging. Just take a walk past our fresh sausage display. We have sausage meisters on staff making handmade links of pork, beef, chicken, turkey, veal, lamb and even bison.  All of these are seasoned to perfection and stuffed into a natural casing. There is no room for fillers here.

Think of it this way — you’re the neighborhood grill master and our skilled butchers are your personal sous chefs. Just take your pick from the vast array of meat kabobs skewered with fresh produce or marinated chicken breasts perfectly seasoned, or wings slathered in savory sauce, all ready and waiting for the flame.  Keep in mind that all our rubs, seasonings, marinades and sauces meet Whole Foods Market’s strict quality standards of no hydrogenated oils, or artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives.

Whatever thrilling grilling expedition you choose to pursue, Whole Foods Market’s Meat Department has just the meat you need.  We also have our very own Facebook page where we share our favorite recipes and grilling tips.

Are you looking forward to cooking over an open flame? Tell me what’s on your grill?

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