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Smart Whole-Body Cleansing

By Chris Jensen, January 15, 2012  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Chris Jensen

The New Year is a natural time to think about giving the body a much-needed vacation. Tune in to this encore podcast presentation to find out what to expect and avoid on a whole-body cleanse, and the simple ways to make the most of your efforts to reduce the “body burden” in this popular encore presentation.

Dr. Gaetano Morello is a licensed naturopathic physician practicing in West Vancouver, British Columbia.

While cleansing is an everyday function of the body, beginning a detox cleanse offers many benefits:

  • There are tens of thousands of toxic chemicals wiggling their way into our lives on a daily basis through the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe.
  • Although our body is naturally designed to process and eliminate these toxins, the sheer number creates an overload and accumulation within various body tissues.
  • The concept behind cleansing is to reduce the amount of toxins in these tissues by first, reducing exposure and second, improving our body’s ability to get rid of them.
  • The end result will lead to overall improvement and well-being.

The body signals when it needs a break and how the cleanse is working:

  • Chemical toxins can impact many aspects of physiology that range from disrupting the endocrine system to negatively affecting the nervous system and digestive tract.
  • The general signs to look for may include digestive problems, fatigue, skin issues or weight gain.
  • One should feel more energetic and the digestive system should feel lighter.
  • One may also experience better skin tone and a general feeling of alertness.

Reducing the body burden is critical to the cleanse:

  • By definition, body burden is equal to the total amount of chemicals you’re exposed to minus your body’s ability to get rid of those chemicals.
  • An effective cleanse reduces the overall body burden by minimizing exposure to toxins and then supporting the body’s ability in eliminating them.
  • Reduce/avoid pesticide-laden foods, alcohol, caffeine, carbonated beverages, refined sugar, tap water, air pollution and synthetic chemicals (found in many household cleaners and bodycare products).

Dr. Morello’s tips and recommended supplements to make the most of a cleanse:

  • Make sure the digestive tract is in good health, the liver is supported and antioxidant reserves are sufficient.
  • Specific supplements like digestive enzymes, fiber and milk thistle may be needed.
  • Plenty of rest, deep breathing, good sleep and purified water are also key.

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nancy says ...
im looking for vegetable dye eyelash tint does whole food has that
03/01/2012 12:57:12 AM CST
janejohnson says ...
@Nancy Since each store does things a little differently, the best way to get the most accurate information regarding products available at your community Whole Foods Market is to contact them directly. The link below will help you identify the contact information for your store where a Team Member from the Whole Body department will be happy to chat with you. www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores
03/01/2012 12:55:55 PM CST
Mady says ...
After the spring break season, I’m looking to get my body back into shape and get healthy before summer comes around. I was wondering what type of cleanses you offer. I don’t know too much about liquid cleanses and was wondering how healthy that is. Also, is there a specific meal plan that you would recommend for this cleanse product? I’ve heard in the past that cleanses are extremely healthy for your body but I am curious as to how healthy it is to cleanse your body all the time. Thanks! Madeline Everett Tulane University Freeman School of Business
03/18/2012 9:28:16 PM CDT
janejohnson says ...
@Mandy Good question! We have the following blog on cleansing (please see link below). Also, I highly recommend you reach out to your Whole Body Departmental experts at your community Whole Foods Market. These individuals are very knowledgable on what products we have that might help you along your journey. Thanks for your support. http://blog.wholefoodsmarket.com/2012/01/smart-whole-body-cleansing/
03/19/2012 9:06:32 AM CDT
Sarah says ...
I found this article useful. I like how it explained the body burden, which is essential to understanding how we all react so differently to toxins. I've been doing a whole body detoxification, cellular cleanse, not a colon cleanse (although I do take activated charcoal), using liquid zeolite and increasing my glutathione levels. Although this post is helpful in understanding why one needs to detoxify, it doesn't actually lead one to the best methods of body detoxification. I found another site to be very helpful in that respect, as I detox to the regime explained at this website, and am feeling so much better! http://www.detoxificationforthebody.com
02/08/2013 1:00:28 PM CST
Marie says ...
Hi, I'm looking for Milk Thistle supplements. Could you let me know if you sell them? Thanks!
07/11/2013 4:52:36 PM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@MARIE - Most of our stores will carry this supplement but our products can vary. Check with your local store to find out what they have in stock!
07/12/2013 2:37:18 PM CDT
Candy says ...
I'm looking for a Candida Cleanse. My Chiropractor said Whole Foods had a good one... Do you know what the name would be??
09/15/2013 9:14:12 AM CDT
Nikki - Community Moderator says ...
@CANDY - Our products vary between stores. Check with your local store to see what they have in stock!
09/16/2013 1:14:17 PM CDT
Evelyn Blake says ...
I am wondering about your D- TOX support? How much does it cost and where can I purchase it from the powder stuff is what I'm after!
09/21/2015 4:42:41 AM CDT