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Spring in our Stores

The first signs of spring are finally here, and we’re breathing a sigh of relief at our store in Wayland, MA. Spring means the end of snow, cold, and the gloomy pall that can overtake the winter months. Finally, we can put away our boots and scarves and get a much needed dose of sunlight. Spring also means the arrival of Easter and Passover, two holidays we get excited about at Whole Foods Market. We also start setting up our grilling and gardening displays for all of the early birds that want to get a jump on burgers and bulbs. Some of my favorite things about spring in our store are the seasonal foods. Local produce becomes more abundant, seasonal items like Spring Onions make an appearance, and everything tastes a little fresher. Spring is also a great season to invest in some home-brightening flowers, and we always have great deals on bouquets. But I have to admit, my favorite thing about this season is that sometimes, on my day off, it’s warm enough that I can wear flip flops. Here are some signs of Spring from around my store: What are your favorite signs of Spring?

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victoria says …

Here in France where I live, it's the arrival of swallows that signals the arrival of spring. We heard the first of them today, quite nice for Earth day!

Angela says …

When all the flowers are in bloom and the farmer's markets are busting at the seams with new fresh produce!