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Springtime Matchmaking with Bordeaux

With spring in the air, romantics and food lovers alike are inspired to look for the perfect match. Since our expertise centers on food and wine, we’ll stick to that kind of matchmaking but be warned, a good wine and food pairing can certainly bring out the passion! To guide you in this springtime matchmaking, we have secured a limited supply of Bordeaux wines from the sought-after 2009 vintage. Bordeaux wines are some of the finest and most desirable wines in the world and their flavors provide a real sense of place. We’re excited to bring you a selection of these astonishing wines at true bargain prices – under $20, during March and April while supplies last. Discover more about these special wines on our Discover Bordeaux site. Hand-selected from small, family-owned properties, these Bordeaux wines are not only amazing to drink by themselves but they pair so well with food, especially springtime favorites. We’ve pulled together what we think are the perfect pairing so that you have just what you need to cook up something special with a French flair! Château Magence Graves Blanc The lively floral and citrus nose of this crisp white balances round notes of Meyer lemon and sweet peas with the acidity of key limes. Spring Pea Risotto really highlights this wine for an amazing spring-infused meal. Château Le Touzinard Bordeaux Rouge The ripeness of tart cherries and cranberries with a touch of black olive, menthol and oak offer a striking nose and clean flavor for this red wine, that pairs perfectly with Quinoa with Balsamic Roasted Mushrooms. Mushrooms roasted in a simple oil-free pear balsamic dressing are delicious tossed with quinoa, spinach, green onions and almonds. Château La Gravière Bordeaux Rouge An earthy, structured red with hints of white and black pepper in the nose and a gripping minerality, the Château La Gravière is just the right companion to a soulful and satisfying Roasted Vegetable Stew with White Beans. Château La Fleur Dallon Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux Rouge This medium-bodied red enjoys deep plum fruitiness and aromas of currants and a hint of toasted wood, with good structure and balance. A perfect accompaniment to a hearty, steak and goat cheese salad with spring fresh greens. Château Bonnet Entre-Deux-Mers Blanc Zingy, juicy and expansive on the palate, this white balances vibrant, ripe aromas of grapefruit and peach with just the right minerality. The Château Bonnet Entre-Deux-Mers Blanc showcases the flavors of spring when paired with fresh greens and lightly sautéed fish in this recipe for Bibb Lettuce with Sautéed Sole and Dijon Vinaigrette. Château Picau-Perna Saint-Émilion Rouge Rhubarb and ripe blueberries fill the nose with notes of green ferns and fine-grained tannins. A hearty companion to this luscious deep red Bordeaux is classic Steak with Red Wine-Herb Sauce. Château Moulin de Mallet Bordeaux Rouge With dark rich claret color and a bouquet of red fruits with surprising hints of vanilla, licorice and blackberries, this red is rich and round with a lingering finish. Try these hearty and flavorful Gorgonzola and Smoky Bacon Burgers that are impressive enough to serve guests for spring gatherings. Château Robin Lussac-Saint-Émilion Rouge A subtly powerful red, with sweetly smoky notes and a rich touch of tobacco and leather in the nose, this red is a perfect choice to accompany Lamb Chops with Red Wine-Glazed Spring Vegetables for an elegant yet easy spring dinner. Château Haut-Laborie Bordeaux Rouge A red wine with brilliant ruby color and the seductive fragrance of crushed red berries and vanilla. For a truly classic French dinner, match this wine with Cassoulet-style French Bean Stew. We hope you fall in love with these exciting spring pairings. Cheers!

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John says …

Do you carry Koma Unwind ? It is a relaxation beverage by the BeBida Beverage Company of Mooresville NC> ?

Bepkom says …

@John: Our product selection varies from store to store so it's best to check in at the location where you shop. Thanks!