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Stovetop-Smoked Salmon with Coriander-Mustard Rub

If eating healthier within a budget tops your New Year’s resolutions, then this week’s Secret Ingredient episode is must see. The star of this week’s encore episode is Whole Foods Market’s farm-raised salmon. It’s an affordable alternative to wild-caught salmon, while still providing heart-smart omega-3s and rich salmon flavor. It’s also raised according to our strict standards with no antibiotics, added hormones or animal by-products. Join Scott Simons as he learns how to add a delicate smoky flavor to this prized catch without leaving the kitchen as guest chef Heather Ramsdell shares her easy weeknight recipe for Stovetop-Smoked Salmon with Coriander-Mustard Rub.

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says …

Hi Marilyn. Both farm-raised and wild salmon are considered low in mercury. For more information on this issue, you can check out our info page on Methyl Mercury: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/nutrition/methylmercury-seafood.php

Marilyn says …

Hi, Isn't farm raised salmon is high on mercury? Unlike wild salmon it's safer to eat no mercury. Is this true? Even though farm raised salmon is sold in whole foods It high in mercury. My only concern.

Nina says …

We've watched secret ingredient for a while now. We love it for the great recipes, but especially for Scott Simons. He's knowledgeable and funny.

Jerry says …

You mention that Farmed Salmon is low in Mercury. How about PCB's? Also, there seems to be a body of scientific evidence that suggests Open-Pen Farmed Salmon hurts the population of wild salmon.

pwildflower says …

Wow!! nice recipe , wonderful presentation. Thanks.