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Summer Meals for Four on a Budget

Ready to taste summer savings? In the latest issue of The Whole Deal value guide we've got a week’s worth of budget-friendly meal ideas to kick start your summer and your family’s taste buds! With a little planning, you can savor summer flavors with ease and save a few bucks. Here’s how: MONDAY: Veggie Monday Make it soup and salad: Gazpacho served with goat cheese and roasted red pepper grilled sandwiches. TUESDAY: Breakfast for Dinner Make whole-wheat pancakes topped with fresh summer fruit—cherries, blueberries and peaches are seasonally perfect choices. Everyone loves breakfast for dinner! Serve with Wellshire bacon or turkey bacon (with no synthetic nitrates or artificial preservatives, colors or flavors). Don’t forget to use our $1 off coupon online or in the summer issue of The Whole Deal. WEDNESDAY: Midweek Simple It doesn’t get any simpler than this to feed a family of four during a busy weeknight: Our Rotisserie Chicken Meal Deal with your choice of cole slaw, potato salad or macaroni salad is a delicious answer for a simple midweek meal. A high-quality meal at a great value, especially if you use our coupon for a free side. THURSDAY: Cinco de Mayo Any Time Guacamole and cheese nachos and Southwestern Couscous Salad topped with thin slices of grilled beef (ask at your store’s meat counter to find out what’s on sale that’s best for grilling). Finish your meal with frozen fruit bars made with real fruit – a Sure Deal! in the summer issue of The Whole Deal. FRIDAY: TGIF Picnic Wrap up the week with a picnic-perfect meal of mixed green salad with grilled shrimp. Start by marinating shrimp for 10 minutes in a vinaigrette. Grill the shrimp on skewers, remove and place over the salad. Serve with sliced Health Starts Here® bread and hummus. WEEKEND: Savory Summer Brunch Scrambled eggs with tomato, peppers, fresh corn and jack cheese. Serve accompanied by a fresh herb salad with berries, Mother’s Day Fruit Tartlets and Honeydew Green Tea or Lambrusco Coolers for a brunch to remember! Get ready to savor summer without breaking the bank! What are your ideas for cooking summer meals on a budget?

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Donna Hall says …

When is Knoxville TN going to get a Whole Foods Market?

Bepkom says …

@Donna: We just announced that we've signed a lease for a new location in Knoxville. We don't have a timeline yet, but stay tuned!

Samantha Sophia says …

Great Post. I wanted to ask, does Wholefoods ever have local events with local bloggers. Or is it what ever is listed at a local store's calendar?

Amy says …

Thank you so much for this great menu! I'm so grateful that a store chain has finally paired a healthy, 6/7 day menu with items that are on sale and have coupons that week!!! Whole Foods... You truly are THE BEST! Please do this every week throughout the year, not just for summer!

Bepkom says …

@Samantha: Yes they do. Please check the calendar of your local store for more information. Thanks!