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Super Sandwiches

By Paige Brady, August 14, 2008  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Brady
What's for dinner? When you hear that familiar strain, don’t forget that sandwiches are a tasty option. You know those sandwiches that sound like too much work for lunch? Well they are perfect for dinner. Listen in as recipe developer Cindy Cuomo shares her favorite sandwich combinations.
Check out some of our faves here and let us know what you like for a dinner sandwich.
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TLR says ...
We keep it to items that are always around. Turkey, bacon, some fresh tomato, a spread (may+mustard+whatev) and whatever cheese we need to use up. Toast it all up and you have two very happy people ready for some sofa-time grub and TV. Getting old can be boring but YOU don't have to be!
08/14/2008 10:27:37 AM CDT
Lou Srygley says ...
One of my favorite sandwiches is a French one called a Crocque-Monsiuer and is like a Grilled ham and cheese but is with a Bechemel or Mornay sauce. Its not something you should eat every day but Its still one of my Favourites. It was similar to Bennigans Monte Cristo sandwitch without the Turkey.
08/14/2008 10:32:13 AM CDT
PaniniKathy says ...
We have sandwiches for dinner quite often at our house these days! I added some grilled eggplant to the Chicken Parmesan Panini I made this past weekend (http://paninihappy.com/chicken-parmesan-panini/) to make it a real meal-in-one.
08/14/2008 10:42:29 AM CDT
Flahute says ...
Turkey, bacon & avocado on a rustic rye bread with red onions, sharp provolone cheese, and fresh tomatoes OR prosciutto, basil, tomatoes, and mozzarella fresca on a baguette with balsamic vinegar. All organic from Whole Foods, of course.
08/14/2008 12:06:28 PM CDT
Brynn says ...
Absolutely YUMMY ideas!!
08/14/2008 1:14:28 PM CDT
Sandy S says ...
These sound delicious - and just in time for soup-and-sandwich season (i.e., back to school/sports/music lessons/etc.). Yum!
09/24/2008 12:59:15 PM CDT
Sharon Hite says ...
Last Wed. my husband and I had lunch at the Houston store, on Alabama & Kirby. We shared a Hazelnut crusted field roast on 9 grain bread and it was very good. Can we purchase these vegan patties in the store. Thanks for your wonderful selections of everything. We love the organic veggies.+
03/19/2010 4:29:00 PM CDT
Jess P says ...
My favorite sandwich is a strong type of bread (ciabatta works well) with a slice of fresh mozzarella spinach lettuce tomato onion sun dried tomatoes roasted red peppers sprouts and pesto on the bread as a "dressing". If you like meat it's also good with leftover grilled chicken or steal, or any deli meat that you enjoy. It's a delicious and filling summer sandwich! :)
07/18/2012 9:36:22 AM CDT