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Whole Foods Market is taking a stand for a healthy tomorrow for all children, and we want you to help us! This holiday season, we are proud to partner with Share Our Strength on their No Kid Hungry fight to stamp out childhood hunger by 2015. Below we share simple ways to get involved (use your American Express card, buy a gift card online, take a pledge), but first let’s make sure we all know why this is so critically important. Billy Shore, founder and executive director of Share Our Strength, sent this message:
Of the many challenges we face such as a nation, such as unemployment, health care, and climate change, one issue is solvable: ending childhood hunger in America. And Whole Foods is helping to ensure that we succeed. One in four children in the U.S. is now on food stamps, for the first time in history. 62% of public school teachers identify hunger as a problem in the classroom and use their own money to buy food for those kids. 44 million Americans now live in poverty (1 in 5 children). It is a level of economic suffering unseen in nearly 50 years. But our children are not hungry because we lack food, or because we lack food and nutrition programs. There is a long history of bipartisan support for school lunch and breakfast, summer feeding and food stamps for families with children. They who are hungry today are hungry because they lack access to those programs. This past summer only 16% of kids eligible for summer meal received them. Only 40% get school breakfast. The table has been set for America’s hungriest kids but they have not been told where, not been given the address, not benefited from a sense of hospitality that most of us might take for granted. We can do better. Share Our Strength knows how to change the hunger equation and how to increase the participation of our children in such programs. As a result, governors from across the country are asking us to help them. But that takes time, money, resources, and coordination. That’s why we are so grateful to Whole Foods customers and employees. I can’t even begin to tell you how important a role you play in supporting our efforts.
Ready to get involved and help end childhood hunger? Here are a few different ways that our customers can lend their support from now through the end of December:
  • Use your American Express® card at our stores and American Express will donate 10 cents of your Whole Foods Market purchase to Share Our Strength (up to $500,000!).
  • Whole Foods Market will donate $1 for each gift card purchased online.
  • Whole Foods Market will donate $1 for the first 15,000 customers who take the No Kid Hungry pledge.
When you go to their site and take the pledge, Share Our Strength collects your email address to give you ongoing information about steps you can take to help stamp out hunger. The pledge is: I believe that no child in America should go hungry. By pledging today, I add my voice to the national movement of people committed to ending childhood hunger in America by 2015. We hope you’ll pledge today!

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Chris says …

@Laura: while $.10 per transaction doesn't sound like much, we estimate that this will add up to $500,000 before the end of the year! We're really pleased with that, as it will do a lot to support this great effort by Share Our Strength!

Laura says …

That's great, but I think AmericanExpress' ten cent donation is practically insulting. How lame.

Clay Dunn says …

Thank you for featuring No Kid Hungry! -- Clay

Diane says …

A great and easily implemented program close to home! I'll send this on to my friends.

John says …

My guess is that merchants pay more than ten cents extra per transaction if a customer uses American Express over Visa or MasterCard because of American Expresses higher transaction fees. Yes, American Express charges more for a transaction than other credit card companies. So the money to charities is great, but if you are using an American Express card in lieu of cash or a Visa card, you are boosting American Expresses income at the expense of a merchants bottom line. All for 10 cents to a charity?

Gloria says …

This is a great program to support. I have already signed up and pledged and plan to put the banner on my website as well. Thank you Whole Foods for being such a great example of corporate responsibility.

Cynthia Savell says …

Am a big supporter of this cause and am happy to know that the place I shop for my food also donates and advertises this program.

Jerusha Myers says …

Do Whole Foods Market accept Food Stamp benefits?

Bepkom says …

Yes, we do!

Soledad G Hernandez says …

I worked fir this great company for 9 years and I have to say that thanks to their great support, I was able to raise my kids as a single mom. Their benefits are amazing, they accommodated my schedules to my school hours and the product education they provided for me as an employee is unbeatable!! My kids ate the best quality products. Their health was very good and they grew strong during my years with whole foods. My kids are now 24 and 19 and I'm still a faithful customer of WFM. Their contributions to so many charitable organizations made me feel proud to be part of this wonderful company. I'm a big supporter.