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Taste and Tweet Bordeaux Wines Tomorrow!

By Our Wine Guys, March 10, 2011  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Our Wine Guys
Don’t forget to join our Twitter Tasting tomorrow, March 11, 7 – 8 pm ET, 6 – 7 pm CT or 4 - 5 pm PT. This promises to be a fun soirée with French flair as we taste the highly anticipated 2009 Bordeaux vintage. Grab your beret, pick up a bottle (or four) of the limited-time-only 2009 Bordeaux vintage and get ready to taste and tweet. We’ll lead a virtual tasting of four of the featured Bordeaux wines that represent what some experts call the best Bordeaux vintages in the last 30 years! We are excited to share these exceptional French wines at bargain prices – all under $20. We’ll also be joined by Cathy Strange, Whole Foods Market’s global cheese buyer, who will talk and tweet about an amazing selection of French cheeses that are perfect soul mates to these exquisite Bourdeaux wines. Check out details for the Twitter Tasting and get ready to taste and tweet. It’s easy and ever so tasty! You can follow us on Twitter @WFMWineGuys and #WFMWine and check with local stores for Twitter Tasting events. To guide you in the tasting, we’ve designed a Bordeaux Twitter Tasting sheet so before the tasting begins, print out the tasting sheet so you can make notes about your favorites. As you sip and swirl, we want to hear from you! Share your thoughts on TweetChat or use the hashtag #WFMWine with your tweets if you use TweetDeck or another tool. Follow @WFMWineGuys and #WFMWine to see what others have to say about the wines. What should you tweet? Whatever comes to mind as you taste the wines and cheeses! Feel free to comment on the smell (nose), taste profile, color, price and cheese pairings. Any thoughts are welcome – tasting and enjoying wine is all about your personal preferences. We’re so excited to share these limited-time-only deals from this sought-after 2009 Bordeaux vintage. These wines will be featured for only two months at Whole Foods Market stores and are true bargains but they drink like they cost a fortune. We look forward to tasting and tweeting with you tomorrow! Cheers!




Heather says ...
I am bummed, none of the 4 stores around me are having this!
03/10/2011 9:19:24 AM CST
Jamie Newman says ...
Which Whole Foods will this event be help? All?
03/10/2011 9:48:07 AM CST
Johm says ...
Where can we get the wines in NJ for the tasting on friday night? Thanks
03/10/2011 11:27:42 AM CST
Patricia says ...
Nice to see French wines featured! Usually so much CA varietal focus in the US.
03/10/2011 12:33:22 PM CST
bepkom says ...
@Jamie: Only a few locations will be hosting an in-store 'Taste & Tweet' event. We suggest contacting your local store to find out if they're participating. However, another option is to purchase the wines and create your own party at home. It's just as easy to follow along via Twitter regardless of your location.
03/10/2011 1:19:11 PM CST
bepkom says ...
@Heather: You don't have to be at a store to participate. You can purchase the wines and follow along at home by visiting the tweet char room: http://tweetchat.com/room/wfmwine
03/10/2011 1:20:21 PM CST
Heather says ...
But I wanted to get together with a group of my Whole Foods groupies and be at the store. We have a great store to hang out at! Maybe we will just have to put on our own on the store patio!
03/10/2011 2:58:21 PM CST
Susan Talbbott says ...
Do you have to "tweet?" I'm just a FB gal.
03/10/2011 5:10:37 PM CST
Melba Pierce says ...
Why are you sending me an email notice on March 16th for a wine tasting that was already held on March 11th. tomorrow is March 17th and is Saint Patrick's Day why are we not receiving a notice for ALL THINGS IRISH??? instead of French Wines??? does somebody in charge of email notices have alzheimers???
03/16/2011 5:42:12 PM CDT
Melba Pierce says ...
When I clicked on the link to register to "Win a Basket of Goodies" - this is the page link for that but there is nothing here to register for anything about a "Basket of Goodies" Somebody there isn't doing their job right... Keep up will ya!
03/16/2011 5:45:04 PM CDT
bepkom says ...
@Melba: Thank for your comment. The email notice about the wine tasting went out the previous week. Did you check the date it was sent?
03/19/2011 9:50:39 AM CDT