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Team Member Appreciation Day

We opened our very first Whole Foods Market store in Austin, Texas on September 20, 1980. Thirty years and hundreds of stores later we owe much of our success to the love of our Team Members. In honor of Team Member Appreciation Week, here are 30 reasons we love them back! Our Team Members:
  1. Make Whole Foods Market cool.
  2. Make every effort to recycle – from yogurt tubs to corks to jokes.
  3. Sing on the sales floor just because the spirit moves you.
  4. Make our Green Mission real and challenge us to do even more.
  5. Drive an amazingly long chain of shopping carts across the lot with ease.
  6. Are as excited about their team’s success as they are about their own.
  7. Are passionate about our products and it’s contagious!
  8. Are why we made FORTUNE®’s “100 Best Places to Work” list every year.
  9. Knock customers' socks off.
  10. Love local!
  11. Support Whole Planet Foundation with fundraising and your own dollars.
  12. Adapt to change, even when the changes come fast like they do.
  13. Share the love by sharing Whole Foods Market with friends and family.
  14. Help improve the health of people, animals and the planet.
  15. Bring it. Every day.
  16. Are 50,000+ faces making Whole Foods Market more than a grocery store.
  17. Maintain organic integrity.
  18. Make work fun!
  19. Are the reason our stores are real members of our communities.
  20. Make other people laugh…or at least smile.
  21. Have style…from the clothes they wear to the displays they build.
  22. Are devoted to helping each other and to helping others.
  23. Make awesome food!
  24. Step up even higher when there’s a higher step to climb.
  25. Have creativity that keeps us fresh.
  26. Have boundless compassion for those devastated by natural disasters.
  27. Wear really interesting jewelry.
  28. Volunteer at local farms, food kitchens, creek cleanups and more.
  29. Keep Whole Foods Market unique.
  30. Make our day with your smiles.
Feel free to let our Team Members know why you appreciate them too!

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mott says …

The Awesome Employees are what makes the stores a success!! They are familiar with all aspects of the store or will find the right person to help. The Grooviness and relaxed family feel is what makes shopping here such a pleasure- YES! i said it! Only a store with a friendly and knowledgeable staff like yours could make grocery shopping a pleasure! That * says it all! Keep up the good work ,give them kudos and raises and treat them with the respect they deserve- THEY are the reason we shop at your stores!

Nedayaz says …

As a Whole Foods Market Team Member I always feel appreciated. This blog means a lot to me. Thank you to Whole Foods Market for making us feel so special.

Andrew Violette says …

You guys have great employees who actually seem to care about the products they sell. Its such a different experience shopping at Whole Foods versus your regular supermarkets. I think good employees make or break a company, so keep doing whatever you're doing!

sheila zwirn says …

The people who work for your company are the most helpful, upbeat and caring of any shop I have ever shopped. They will stop whatever they are doing to help me. It is a pleasure to shop in your market. Your customers are nicer as well. Keep up the great attitude, it is contagious!

Mary Ann Ludwig says …

Whole Foods staff are always helpful, willing to leave where they are in the store to help me find what I'm looking for. Then at the check-out besides being friendly and upbeat, they ask me if I found everything I'm looking for. Great attitude!

Diana Fisher says …

Ms. Nettie this is a shout out to you---at the Woodway Whole Foods. We love you and love how you know and love our kids, too! Thank you for always being so friendly and happy to see us. Also, whoever picks the music a Whole Foods--you guys ROCK! My daughter and I have a blast going down the aisles rocking to cool tunes and shaking our hips because we just don't care who sees us. I am always in a good mood when I leave.

Kathy Watson says …

The Whole Foods team memebers are like family. They great you with a smile, help you out with your questions, make you feel special, listen to you, and actually seem happy to see you. They are so knowledgable about what they do and are always in a good mood. I love going there. Thank you everyone!

Karen Heflin says …

Whole foods is always a pleasure to shop in! The customer service is great, the unique displays are so fun and creative and the knowledge the staff has about products exceeds anywhere else I have shopped! The team members in whole body keep me in awe of their knowledge about supplements and body products!! Last, but not least Whole Foods is committed to the Earth and ways to help people and the community!!! Keep up the excellent quality of your team members AND store!!!!

Leonor Cockrum says …

Thank you for coming to Schaumburg!!!! I'm thrilled. I was so anticipating shopping here. Your staff has been friendly, ready to help, attentive to us as we wear our 'where is...' look on our face. They have been most welcoming. AND now you have RAW desserts! Shopping here is such a refreshing experience. We recently enjoyed having lunch there as well. I'm also glad you have underground parking. All fantastic! Thanks.

Leonor Cockrum says …

I attended the cooking class: Accidental Vegeterian. It was pretty incredible to watch Tatiyana prepare 5 dishes in an hour! They were absolutely delicious! The roasted Artichokes were out of this world as was the sloppy joe, the special quesadillas, pasta, etc What was so encouraging about this is that the dishes are truly easy. I'll be sharing them with my relatives and friends. Thank you so much!

tom greeny says …

you should treat wfm teammebers who are mothers with a better sched to allow them to come home and spend time with thier kids i dont think just because they are full time they shouldnt be forced to have open availability and cut there hours only because they dont have a babysitter to care for thier kids that late in the day and other situations i just wish you guys would be more fair towards the wfm mothers not just because you hire new members that are full time you tell them that they have to have open availability. you then tell the wfm mothers oh im sorry i told my new hires they have to have open availability.be fair if you care so much for team member happieness i would think that youd be understanding for the mothers od wfm market this is upsetting!!!

yes says …

Appreciate the recommendation. Let me try it out.