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Thompson Farm Smokehouse

By Kate Medley, October 24, 2009  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Kate Medley

This blog post previously contained an outdated video about a supplier. We have removed the video to prevent confusion. We have always believed in and fought for the improvement of welfare for farm animals industry-wide, and all the pork, beef, chicken and turkey in our fresh meat cases comes from producers who have achieved certification to Global Animal Partnership’s 5-Step® Animal Welfare Rating system

The Thompson family has been farming in southern Brooks County, Georgia, since the early 1930s. Today, Raymond and his son Andrew own and operate Thompson Farm Smokehouse, where they continue the tradition of providing excellent quality food grown on a small family farm. The Thompsons raise pastured pork and employ old-fashioned salt curing methods to ensure superior flavor in Thompson Farm meat.

Note: Our Farm to Market slide shows currently feature farmers and producers from our South and MidAtlantic Regions. We hope to expand to others in the future.

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Sharon says ...
This makes me want to go back to being a vegetarian. :(
02/21/2009 8:41:58 PM CST
Rick says ...
This makes me want to purchase some of their bacon products! Fantastic video and all naturale. Very good description and detail of your farm and how it's done... right
03/01/2009 12:34:10 AM CST
Roni says ...
Thompson Farms has an excellent reputation. I would highly recommend this farm. It's really nice to have an organic alternative available.
06/30/2009 4:30:56 AM CDT
randy says ...
Bacon is meat candy!! Eat more grass u veggie hippie..more bacon for me :)
08/08/2009 12:04:32 PM CDT
Kaylee says ...
That makes me proud to be a Thompson. :) Uncle Raymond reminds me so much of grandaddy.
10/26/2009 5:27:19 PM CDT
Laura says ...
Tremendous product and a marvelous story.
12/04/2009 3:19:35 PM CST
Deb says ...
I live 20 miles away from this farm and I go there to buy my pork products. The meat is fabulous. Many of my coworkers have started going there because I have served them meat from this farm. I have taken my 6 year old daughter and they have allowed us to wander all over the farm, which we have. You would think that a farm like that in Georgia summer would just be awful smelling, but it is not - because the pigs are allowed to free graze in fields instead of being all cramped up in one small building.
02/17/2010 9:29:30 AM CST
Kristi says ...
I love watching this video for a few reasons 1. It's my Uncle Raymond and 2. Because it proves that if you believe in what you are doing others will believe in it too. Thompson Farm Smokehouse is hands down some of the best pork products you can buy! Bacon is the reason I will never go vegetarian and this is some of the best bacon available! Not fatty, no water added which leaves you with an exceptional product. The best part, they ship anywhere! I am so excited that one of my favorite stores (Whole Foods) has decided to make Thompson Farm Smokehouse available to their customers.
09/29/2010 6:59:22 AM CDT
squatchy says ...
I bought some Thompson Farms pork picnic and bacon from Whole Foods today. Gotta say it was the best pork/bacon I've ever had (cooked some of the bacon while the picnic was cooking in the crock pot). Would definitely buy again. Really glad to see farmers going back to pasture raising animals like they should be. They're a lot healthier, and taste better too.
10/10/2010 9:05:44 PM CDT
Anna says ...
Now that is a real family farm, thank you Mr. Thompson for caring about this issue! I will be purchasing your pork from now on!
11/22/2010 9:29:59 AM CST
Ron Bergfeld says ...
I have had their product and have toured their facilities. This is a first class operation run by first class people! Congratulations on your certification! Keep up the great work!
01/17/2012 10:23:08 AM CST
Danielle says ...
We have purchased their pork chops from Whole Foods at least a dozen times now and are NEVER disappointed. As a matter of fact we are having their pork chops for dinner this evening! We are hoping to stop by and check out Thompson Farm the next time we visit the inlaws in Tallahassee :-)
01/09/2013 3:37:45 PM CST