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Try Something New: September

Our grocery team is always working to bring innovative and great-tasting natural and organic products to our stores. Lucky for me, I get a sneak peek of what’s made the cut, and this stuff is too good to keep to myself! Each month, I’ll share a few of the products we're most excited about so you can try something new, too. A lot of these products are only available in our stores, and you'll be the first on the block to try them. Take a minute to tell us and other shoppers what you think by rating and reviewing them on our product pages. Without further ado, here's what's on our list for September. Add them to your online shopping list with a few clicks of the mouse. Abbotsford Farms Sunny Side Pasteurized Cage-Free Eggs An egg breakthrough! These eggs go through a natural pasteurization process that gently heats them just enough to reduce the risk of salmonella while retaining farm-fresh flavor. Annie's Homegrown Organic Orchard Fruit Bites Enjoy organic fruit on the go with these neat and handy little pouches. Chewy, fruity snacks in four fun, bite-sized shapes with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Choose Apple, Cherry, Grape or Strawberry. Arrowhead Mills Gluten-Free Chocolate Cake Mix Indulge in chocolate cake that's a snap to make! This convenient mix is made with high-quality ingredients by one of America's most trusted names in baking, and it has no artificial flavors or sweeteners. Three Sisters Organic Hot Cereals Spice up your morning routine with thick, hearty oatmeal in two unique flavors: Chai Spiced and Cinnamon Plum Spiced. Individual serving pouches make it quick to heat and eat a wholesome organic breakfast. Three Sisters minimizes packaging and uses wind energy. Oikos Organic Frozen Greek Yogurt Rich, creamy Greek yogurt seems even more indulgent when it's frozen, and it's hard to believe this organic treat is fat free. The traditional Greek triple-straining process makes it extra thick and concentrates the protein. This unique dessert is only available at Whole Foods Market! What new products have a spot in your cart? Let us know in the comments below!

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says …

@Brenda Thank you for your support. Each of our community stores offers a large selection of grab and go items prepared fresh, every day for your delight. We are pleased to offer prepared foods in our deli sections that satisfy all dietary needs and, most recently, a section for our Health Starts Here options. Thank you for your suggestion regarding a prepackaged day of meals for Grandmothers. We would not want to make any presumptions about each individual palate and what that palate would think was mouthwatering that day. By being able to pick and choose from our innumerable prepared items sections, we feel we're able to most satisfy most palates and special dietary needs. Thank you again for making this suggestion. We always welcome input from our customers as it ensure we're making the most of every interaction with you.

Brenda Stewart says …

I walked into the Derby Street store for the first time and was amazed. Just taking in all the wholesome choices and reading all the literature made me feel healthier. I immediately thought that this is an environment where I would like to work, but what could a nurse offer this corporation? I may yet submit an application, but first a healthy suggestion. I envisioned "Granmom's Center" which would offer one carefully selected package of 3 meals, breakfast,lunch and dinner in one portion size for a cost of $10. This would be tasty,low salt, bowel happy selections with a diabetic option. There would be an added option for a grandchild portion of lunch and a snack for an additional charge. It is no fun to cook for "one" so this would meet a need. Each day would offer a new selection prepared fresh. If you want someone to set this up, e-mail me, I' d love to work with you on it. Brenda