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Turn Easy Dinners into Lunchtime Favorites

Life lessons about nutrition start at home. Chef Ann Cooper shares ideas for turning leftovers from some of her dinner recipes into healthy lunches for the next day. For more great recipes ideas from Chef Ann Cooper and Whole Foods Market, check out our Back to School recipes!

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Stephanie says …

Would like to have seen weeknight recipes here.

jacki says …

Where are the weeknight recipes -- what if you don't have kids?

Middlekauff says …

Loved the video, good ideas for dinner to kids lunch!

says …

@Stephanie - Check out the link to Back to School recipes - they're all there. :)

paig292 says …

Thanks for the comments. We've edited the title and copy to reflect that these are ideas for turning dinners into lunches.

Liz says …

This video seemed more focused and concerned about making meals out of leftovers instead of easy weeknight meals. Also lacking was a specific recipe or time frame so how do we KNOW it's easy and doable for a weeknight? If something is already prepared by a chef on a video, yes, that's easy. But, I'm currently out of video chefs at the moment. Also as equally off putting and troublesome is the emphasis on animal protein. Not one meal was vegetarian (unless you count the "day after" meal of pasta and pesto, which, I do not). For a store that prides themselves on being eco-responsible, it's both disgusting and disappointing to include such an energy draining, resource wasting item like meat in all the meals. If anyone has access to the older issues of Natural Health magazine (pre-2003), there are some wonderful, spot on recipe articles for quick, healthy, easy, TASTY meals (done in under 30 minutes).