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Tuscarora Organic Growers

Tuscarora Organic Growers is a democratically-operated cooperative of more than 40 farms that was founded in 1988 in Hustontown, Pennsylvania. Growers are held to strict standards, spelled out in an 18-page set of guidelines covering harvest, grading, packing, storage and food safety. All of the partner farms are certified organic.

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Donna strain says …

I will no longer support your store if you support Ramadan . I can get everything I need from Trader Joes and Krogers. D. Strain P.s. I am not the only one who feels this way. You are selling out for money and we will take our money somewhere else. There are plenty of good stores that respect our country.

Bobby H says …

@M. Naris, Product requests are handled on the store level. Please check with your local store directly http://wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/. Thanks!

M. Naris says …

Noosa Yogurt - This is a yogurt product you may want to consider offering. Simply delicious!

Sarah Barnes says …

My niece is an organic gardener in Ohio. She has The dangling carrot farm.

matt says …

I was recently in a Whole Foods and overheard workers discussing a local supplier. I was shocked to hear them say that Whole Foods picks up product at the farm, ships it several hundred miles to a central distribution point, only to ship it back to the stores near the farm and call it local. They also said they get it cheaper ordering it from Whole Foods than buying direct from the farm. While it may have been grown local, this kind of defeats the purpose of lowering your carbon footprint. This is also very deceiving to customers. Is this the practice with all of your "local" foods?

Nikki - Community Moderator says …

@MATT - I can't speak specifically about what you overheard since I'm not sure which store or vendor they were referring to. To my knowledge, we do not pick up any products directly at farms. It's possible that they were referring to the vendor bringing their items to one of our distribution centers and then it is shipped out to our various stores in the region. Most of our stores also accept direct deliveries from vendors to the store.