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Last week, we thought we did pretty well with over 300 responses to the "Get the Good Stuff for Less" Value Guru giveaway. This week, we had over 1000 responses to the "What is your favorite 365 Everyday Value product?" question.  A big thanks to you all for sharing your faves with us! Congratulations to our randomly selected* winner...
CadesMom: I love your 365 semi-sweet chocolate chips! I make the 30 mile trip to get them whenever it’s time to bake cookies and brownies. I also buy in bulk! They have the richest, chocolaty-est taste. Wonderful!
CadesMom will be receiving a $50 gift card and a Better Bag loaded with some of our 365 Everyday Value favorites (and her favorite 365 semi-sweet chocolate chips!). Keep an eye out tomorrow and all this month for more great value giveaways on The Whole Story! ------------------------------------------------------ * This comment was randomly chosen using random.org.

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April Hagerman says …

My Husband and I just walked in to Whole Foods one day and just let Me say that is a choice well worth making. I love 365 Milk I use it daily in everything from Turkey Gravy to My morning bowl of cereal,it is the creamiest most fresh tasting milk I have ever had. I appreciate Whole Foods and what they are doing by providing people with healthy, good tasting, good quality, food products that are free of all the chemicals that others stores put in there food, When You shop at Whole Foods thats what You get Whole Food without all the add ins.

Kathleen says …

Thank you Lliana for the hot tip- I'm selective about chocolate- so I look forward to testing the 365 now! So far, though, I've found all of the 365 Everyday Value favorites to be my new favorites! My trip to Whole Foods is a long one as well- but I try to make it there every weekend anyway! It's absolutely worth the trip!

Suzanne Brown says …

I love the 365 whole wheat flour for bread baking! Also add your oat grouts and polenta with black strap molasses! Yum.

Vanessa Grimm says …

It's kind of hard to say which one is my favorite 365 product, they have so many items that I love. I drive about 3 1/2 hrs round trip every couple of months so I can go to Whole Foods & stock up on all my favorites. Olive oil, pastas, cereal bars, peanut butter, italian dressing, soups, snack items like the popcorn.

Ace says …

This is my FAVORITE Comfort Food -- all the ingredients come from Whole Foods: 365 Olive Oil 365 Canned peas 365 Albacore Tuna and Annie's Macaroni and Cheese mix (2 boxes) I cook the two boxes of Macs and cheeese according to the instructions, then drain it (and then add the cheese from the mix). Then I add 2 tablespoons of Olive Oil, plus the can of tuna (including the water that's in the can) and the can of peas (I drain the peas and save the water for cooking something else) Mix everything slowly and carefully -- and mmmm!! If there is anything left over for the next day it tastes even better (if that's possible) because all the ingredients have had a chance to supersaturate the macaroni overnight in the fridge. This is the GREATEST comfort food!!