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Viva Vitamin Angels!

By Chris Jensen, August 31, 2011  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Chris Jensen
Thanks to their humanitarian efforts, Vitamin Angels is an organization that holds a special place in the heart of Whole Foods Market. Discover the ways they are profoundly changing the lives of children around the world and how easy it is to get involved. Want a quick way to help? Post a comment below telling us what you think about Vitamin Angels and we'll donate $1 for every comment received in September, 2011. Listen to Howard Schiffer, founder of Vitamin Angels, share his passion.

Howard Schiffer, founder of Vitamin Angels, was honored with the Dietary Supplement Education Alliance’s Hero Award in 2003 for his work in “making a difference in the lives of so many children throughout our country and around the world.” Vitamin Angels was founded through the vision and passion of natural products industry veteran, Howard Schiffer:
  • Vitamin Angels began in 1994 with Schiffer’s desire to translate his industry connections into helping children around the world.
  • Schiffer developed a mantra, “what you don’t know can be your greatest ally”, after he learned that vitamin A could help prevent a child from going blind and that 1/3 of all child and maternal deaths were due to chronic malnutrition.
  • The children who benefit the most from Vitamin Angels’ work are the ones who are most vulnerable: children under 5, who are living in rural areas in extreme poverty and who no one else is reaching.
  • Today, Vitamin Angels is reaching over 20 million children in more than 40 countries and is literally improving children’s lives every day.
The work of Vitamin Angels helps children thrive, not just survive and includes two powerful programs:
  • Schiffer states that “Most children born in the developing world today will never reach their full intellectual or structural capacity from the day they are born due to the chronic malnutrition of their mothers before they were even conceived.”
  • The damage that gets done before a child is 2 years old is often irreversible. Conversely, getting to the children early enough can have a profound impact on the rest of their lives.
  • Thrive to Five is an international program to get children’s multivitamins to children under 5, and prenatal vitamins to pregnant women as early in their pregnancy as possible.
  • Operation 20/20 focuses on getting vitamin A to children under 5 around the world. Two high dose vitamin A per child per year (at a total cost of 25 cents per child) will increase survival rates by 23%!
There are a variety of ways to get involved with Vitamin Angels:
  • Choose supplements at Whole Foods Market that are tagged with the Vitamin Angels logo.  These companies donate a portion of sales or provide nutrients to the programs.
  • Visit www.vitaminangels.org to learn more about the children, sign up for the monthly newsletter and check out personal fundraising pages.
Vitamin Angels strives for strong growth to reach as many children as possible:
  • In the next three years, Vitamin Angels will reach 50 million children.
  • In the next 5-10 years, they will reach 100 million children, which will be the majority of children who no one else is reaching and are the most in need.
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A says ...
Sounds like a great program!
08/31/2011 5:11:09 AM CDT
Erin says ...
What a wonderful organization!
08/31/2011 1:24:42 PM CDT
Melissa H says ...
What an awesome organization!
08/31/2011 1:34:55 PM CDT
Amy says ...
That is a great problem that can help so many. Thanks
08/31/2011 7:16:29 PM CDT
M says ...
Great idea! Always looking for ways to give back.:)
08/31/2011 7:45:56 PM CDT
Corey says ...
Look forward to hearing more about your successes.
08/31/2011 7:59:31 PM CDT
Terry SEGAL says ...
Howard Schiffer is an angel. Keep up the wonderful work.
08/31/2011 8:16:02 PM CDT
kris mccabe says ...
thank you
08/31/2011 8:27:08 PM CDT
Paige says ...
Congratulations to you on an extremely worthy mission. Let's hope some excellent early nutrition leads to long and healthy lives for these children. The healthier we all are, the less burden on our society.
08/31/2011 8:41:01 PM CDT
BGE says ...
Donate a dollar, guys!
08/31/2011 8:43:41 PM CDT
Patty says ...
Whole Foods is a good influence for others, because of their efforts with Vitamin Angels and other organizations. Because of Vitamin Angels, many, many children will have a better quality of life, not to mention that SO very many children will live. I wish other stores did this. I personally love Whole Foods because of their ethics. Then, when our economy went bad & I was in real estate, I went broke & Whole Foods donated food to the Mandarin Food Bank. Thanks to them, I was able to have milk and veggies. When I get back on my feet, financially, I intend to support more of Whole Foods' efforts and will go back to shopping in their store. I do shop there now, but only for things on special sale & their products last longer because they are supplied by local suppliers (& not in mass production like in other stores). Whole Foods fruits are sweeter, like as if I can probably taste the difference from a well grown fruit, vs. the mass production & chemicalized fruits. Whole Foods is great in so many ways and now I see they support the Vitamin Angels...that makes them even better!
08/31/2011 8:51:59 PM CDT
LB says ...
This is a brilliant project: I'm just sorry it's private entrepreneurship and not a structurally available public good (like orange juice during and after WWII!).
08/31/2011 9:15:35 PM CDT
Amber says ...
I'm so happy to hear about this project - and let's get these comments up! WFs is donating $1 for every comment!
08/31/2011 9:20:14 PM CDT
Loretta says ...
wow what a deal!!
08/31/2011 9:26:30 PM CDT
Jason R. says ...
Kudos to VA!
08/31/2011 9:41:56 PM CDT
Kerri Christie says ...
Beautiful. Keep up your good work!
08/31/2011 9:45:13 PM CDT
Alan says ...
This sounds like a terrific organization with a wonderful mission!
08/31/2011 9:48:30 PM CDT
Lena says ...
The work this organization is doing sounds incredible. So glad to have learned about it. Nutrition is definitely something Americans take for granted. Thanks for sharing this with us.
08/31/2011 9:50:42 PM CDT
Dee S says ...
What a wonderful program!
08/31/2011 9:56:13 PM CDT
Krista says ...
Thank you for partnering w/ Vitamin Angels and bringing aid to those in great need of a healthy start in life.
08/31/2011 10:19:32 PM CDT
N says ...
hopefully this will give more at risk kids a chance of reaching their full potential!
08/31/2011 10:21:28 PM CDT
Julie says ...
08/31/2011 10:22:18 PM CDT
Katy says ...
ONE DOLLAR!!! How easy was that?
08/31/2011 10:23:04 PM CDT
Peter H says ...
08/31/2011 10:25:05 PM CDT
Karen H says ...
I hadn't heard of this organization prior to this post, but the work they are doing sounds amazing. I will definitely look for the tags next time I am at Whole Foods!
08/31/2011 10:33:50 PM CDT