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Wallet-Friendly Fun with Summer Foods

Summer fun for kids doesn’t have to involve a costly theme park or pockets full of tokens. In the latest issue of The Whole Deal value guide, we’ve got lots of ideas for a summer o’ savings including some good old-fashioned, food-fun ideas that will make your kids and your wallet happy. So don’t stop at melting marshmallows in the campfire; go ahead, let the kids play with their food. Here’s how:
  • Watermelon seed spitting contest – the one time it’s okay to spit!
  • Potato sack races – old pillow cases work for kids’ little legs as they race to the finish line.
  • Corn toss – tie un-popped popcorn into tube socks for tossing into pots and pans.
  • Pie walk – like a cake walk or musical chairs; great for neighborhood potluck parties and the winner gets the pie!
  • Growing fun – plant radish seeds or beans, and water daily. They both sprout quickly!
  • Dance party – crank up Blueberry Hill and dance the Mashed Potato or the Funky Chicken. Be sure to take photos or video.
  • Make smiles – kids decorate their own cupcakes with colorful berries.
For more food-related fun, check out our Earth-friendly projects featured during Earth Month, including: What are your favorite food-fun activities? Let’s hear from you. Tag, you’re it!

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Angela says …

watermelon spitting contest......you going out tonite?????????

Bepkom says …

@Christopher: Do you mind telling me which page you're referencing?

Roxanne says …

I agree, watermelon tastes so much better when it has seeds, and grapes too for that matter. I think seedless anything is a marketing ploy. That way, the growers can pick the UNRIPE fruit, have a shorter growing season, and it won't spoil as fast. However, it's not nearly as healthy or tasty. They get money and we "pay for it" more than we understand. Maybe we could try farmer's markets for seeded fruit? Anyone with ideas, please post.

Christopher F. Holland says …

I turn to your suggested economy meals for a week; this from a gluten free page of yours. What's one of the first suggested items? Whole wheat pancakes! bWhat a crock.

Christopher F. Holland says …

Thing is, anyone could have mistaken (as was intended?) and bought up a week's worth of groceries to find it was gluten filled?

Irene Kopp says …

The watermelon-seed spitting fun is something I remember fondly from my childhood. But you would be hard-pressed to find a seeded watermelon in any store today. Although seeded watermelons are much tastier than the seedless types, I have seen only seedless watermelons in stores for the past several years. Does Whole Foods currently sell seeded watermelons in any of its stores? If so, please tell me where I can find them! Thanks for your help.

Carolyn says …

Is it possible to find watermelon with seeds? Watermelon just doesn't taste the same to me since it has become seedless. Carolyn

casey says …

Farmer's markets sell seeded watermelons. The most delicious I've ever had - yellow, orange, and traditional red. They are like candy to us!

Lily Rivers says …

I am so excited about the possibility of being able to shop at Whole Foods on a budget! I'm going to try these meals and see how it goes :)

Terre says …

@anyone who can help. I live in Jacksonville,Florida and have spent years trying to find yellow and orange watermelons. Any suggestions on where to look? Any feedbac is much appreciated. Thank you.