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We've Got Outstanding Turkeys

By Theo Weening, November 2, 2010  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Theo Weening
Have you started thinking about your turkey for Thanksgiving? We have! Of course, it’s our job to make sure we think about turkeys all year long so when it comes down to the quintessential turkey holiday, you know you can depend on us for the best. In addition to all of the great holiday recipes and tips on our website, we’ll have several blog posts through the holidays telling you about our turkey producers, the difference in the variety of turkeys we sell, and how to cook, carve and what to serve with the perfect bird. To get started, let’s take a quick look at why we think you should get your turkey from us instead of somewhere else.
Many Supermarket Turkeys Some Supermarket Turkeys Whole Foods Market Turkeys
Raised with no antibiotics — ever X X
Raised with no added growth hormones* X X X
No animal byproducts in the feed X X
Processed with no added solutions** or injections X
Complete traceability to the farm X
* Federal law does not allow the use of supplemental growth hormones in poultry or pigs.
** Except for pure sea salt solution brining where indicated.
Pretty compelling, don’t you think? Lots more reasons to come in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned in and we’ll help you make sure your holiday is just right. Next up: how to navigate fresh, frozen, kosher, organic and heritage birds. Don't want to wait? Check out our A Bird for Every Budget chart. Did you get your turkey from us last year? Let us know how it was!
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Ellen says ...
Turkey from Whole Foods last year was the BEST ever! Anxious to order two for this year - when will you start taking orders?
11/02/2010 5:46:17 AM CDT
bepkom says ...
Some stores have already launched their holiday table, which is where you can place pre-orders for all of your holiday needs. You should contact your local store to see if they've begun!
11/02/2010 10:46:17 AM CDT
Donna B says ...
It was the best Thanksgiving turkey the 2nd year in a row. It was juicy and delicious and tasted like the turkies we had when I was a child.
11/02/2010 11:46:44 AM CDT
John Peters says ...
Whole Foods turkeys are great and we've purchased them in the past. This year I have a newborn at home and don't feel up for cooking my own turkey. Do you sell the turkeys cooked, or only uncooked?
11/02/2010 5:37:19 PM CDT
Sabrina says ...
Do we need to pre-order the turkey our will them be there to pick up a few days before Thanksgiving?
11/03/2010 12:11:51 PM CDT
bepkom says ...
You don't have to pre-order your turkey but it's the best way to ensure you get exactly the bird that you want. I suggest contacting your local store and see what they recommend.
11/03/2010 12:12:12 PM CDT
paig292 says ...
@John We have prepared turkeys available too. Just check with your local store for ordering information or go to our online ordering page: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/shop/
11/03/2010 1:25:51 PM CDT
Patricia Friar says ...
Nice to see this out there in time for meal planning. One technique to keep the white meat from over cooking is to cool it down halfway through with ice and place back in the oven.
11/03/2010 1:32:08 PM CDT
Holly Schmaling says ...
Ordered two organic turkeys last year (big group) and because of the opportunity we conducted an experiment. We brined one bird (all the rage) and did one traditionally, with butter, salt and pepper smeared all over the outside. Both birds were delicious, but the unbrined bird was outstanding! No less moist, succulent, but a lot less salty!!! I'm DONE with brining!
11/03/2010 8:21:19 PM CDT
Gail Dawson says ...
I am looking for a fresh, if possible, turkey for T-Giving. I live in Mt. Pleasant, SC where you have a store. Will you be putting your turkeys on sale for the holidays? If so what will be the per pound price? Will this be the same price in all stores? Thanks, Gail Dawson
11/03/2010 8:42:55 PM CDT
bepkom says ...
because our product selection varies from region to region it's best to contact your local store to find out if it's available.
11/03/2010 9:26:33 PM CDT
Maggie says ...
Hello, Will you have any turkeys with these wonderful qualities that are also kosher and/or halal? Now, that would be really awesome! Thanks.
11/03/2010 10:05:25 PM CDT
bepkom says ...
Turkey selection and pricing will vary from region to region. I recommend contacting the meat counter (or holiday table) at your local store.
11/03/2010 10:06:46 PM CDT
jlevy says ...
I am looking for a fresh whole butterflied turkey breast (both "halves", boneless, but skin on). Do you have such a thing or will I have to get a whole bird and have it butchered?
11/03/2010 11:25:18 PM CDT
Teresa Sendra-Anagnost says ...
Turkey was delicious, tender and I was able to obtain a small one. It was a bit expensive but I willingly paid it because I knew it was safe.
11/03/2010 11:28:56 PM CDT
Caroline Fonseca says ...
It was more awesome than usual. I have bought my turkey from Fresh Fields/Whole Foods since they opened in this area!!!!! I have NEVER been disappointed.
11/04/2010 7:08:51 AM CDT
Evie Rowley says ...
The fresh organic turkey I purchased from Whole foods last year was the best turkey I have ever served our family. They could really tell the difference!
11/04/2010 8:20:22 AM CDT
Ann Murphy says ...
Our first turkey from Whole Foods was last year. It was the brand that begins with "J" and was the same brand supplied to the White House. it was so delicious. As with all the meat from WF, there is no waste except skin and bones. I'm so thankful to live near a WF.
11/04/2010 3:03:09 PM CDT
Nancy Miles says ...
I bought a fresh turkey from your Winter Park, Fl store last year and it was great. We will be in NYC this year and I want to order a fresh turkey from the Tribeca store. My husband said he saw a price of $5.99 per pound on the store flyer- I know that it is NYC but could this be the correct price? I am used to paying half that for Bell and Evans turkeys!!!
11/04/2010 6:44:58 PM CDT
Carrie Hogan says ...
What farm do your turkeys come from? What kind of turkeys are they? I am in Las Vegas. Thank you.
11/05/2010 1:30:58 AM CDT
bepkom says ...
We work with a variety of turkey farmers and ranchers around the country and will be telling you about some of them on the blog in the coming days. In the meantime, we suggest you contact your local store because they will best be able to tell you about your local inventory of turkeys. You can also check out our 'A Bird for Every Budget' page to help navigate the fresh, frozen, organic, heritage array of choice. Click here: http://www.wholefoodsmarket.com/holidays/guides/turkeybudget.php
11/05/2010 1:31:08 AM CDT
yvonne says ...
What brand are the turkeys used in the Thanksgiving prepared dinner?
11/05/2010 6:55:25 PM CDT
Ursula Ray says ...
I work in the meat department in the NE region. In NY we are offering you many options for your Thanksgiving needs. Plainville Turkeys, Kosher Valley, WFM organic Turkeys, Brined Turkeys, WFM free range, Brined Turkeys in an array of spices, Brined Turkey Breast (with bone & without), and Frozen Natures Ranchers Turkeys which are all from Local Venders in the New York/New Jersey area. All of our products are delightfully flavorful and were raised with the utmost care. The price vary from $1.99-$4.99 per lb. If you are coming to the city for the holidays, purchase your turkey with WFM Tribeca! :)
11/07/2010 12:55:11 PM CST
Andie says ...
I see your post that you work with multiple turkey farmers and ranchers around the country. My local WF store told me that you have a "humane kill" clause in your contracts with all meat suppliers. Is this true for the turkey farmers too?
11/07/2010 5:39:26 PM CST
cynthia Solverson says ...
My family loved the Turkey last year. It was so fresh and tastie But most of all I trust Whole foods with my food needs. I'm gluten free and need to make sure I don't get sick. I can count on Whole foods!!
11/08/2010 10:01:14 AM CST