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As a child, Halloween was my favorite holiday - an excuse to wear an outrageous outfit and walk around my neighborhood getting free candy - what was there not to love?  Sadly, I'm a few years past my trick-or-treating prime (though I still enjoy those crazy costumes!), but thankfully there are many bakers out there making sophisticated Halloween treats right in their own kitchens!  Check 'em out.

At Home with Kim Vallee

Serious Eats

And after all your hard work making a masterpiece - whether it be a fabulous spiderweb cake, a stately jack o'lantern or a sensational costume - you'll want to take some great pictures.  Check out the Digital Photography School's tips on taking pictures for Halloween. No time or inclination to make your own elaborate Halloween treats?  Many bakeries, including ours, have made beautiful and tasty confections just for this occasion!  Take a gander at this lovely brownie coffin cupcake from our Union Square (New York, NY) store. Photo courtesy of Rachel from Cupcakes Take the Cake. Happy haunting!

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Almost Vegetarian says …

I am absolutely blown away by the creativity of the home baker. The cat cupcakes - too adorable. And the spider cake - too clever. Of course, that's a helluva lot of sugar (wouldn't it be nice if this was celebrated with, say, asparagus?!), but I guess all things in moderation. Cheers!