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By Winnie Hsia, October 10, 2008  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Winnie Hsia
Okay, we're cheating a little this week and perhaps this post would be better named "What We're Watching..." 'cause that's been the preferred method of media consumption this week. A friend of mine reminded me of some excellent TED | Talks that I'd encouraged him to listen to a few months back. But of course, as inspiring as these talks were, I was hungry for more and just yesterday, stumbled upon TED's new lists, which allow users to order talks based on user ratings on criteria such as "most beautiful", "most jaw-dropping", "most ingenious" and "funniest." I think I've got some new favorites... Got any favorites?




Dinora says ...
Please, order short or medium brown rice from a better company ASAP. The brown rice from Texas is HORRIBLE. It takes a long time to sort out diseased kernals: brown, orange, black or with black spots. After all this work, cooked rice still has some black kernals and it tastes very bad!!! And I started having headaches!!! Thank you. Dinora, Evanston, IL
06/01/2009 7:14:26 AM CDT
Florianopolis says ...
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