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About three months ago, I purchased my first home - a modest one bedroom, less than a fifteen minute bike ride to work, in a safe but diverse neighborhood and with a gorgeous, gorgeous brand new kitchen.  I remember when I first moved in how my enthusiasm (and lack of funds - man, closing costs add up!) drove me to cook meals for myself from scratch almost every night.  I've since fallen out of this habit - choosing to go out with friends or just 'grabbing something quick' instead of enjoying my own home cooking. So this week I started to wonder - how do other single folks to it?  Whether you're a college student, a young professional, a single parent or otherwise on your own - how do you adequately feed yourself without spending all your time and/or money on the effort? Here are some ideas from what we're reading...

Meals for One: Weekly Meal Planning

I raced home from work and had a total of 1/2 hour to feed both dogs, make dinner, and change for an Austin City Limits taping with My Morning Jacket. I impressed myself by successfully slicing some red onion, chopping a roasted red pepper and fresh parsley, slicing 1/2 a zucchini, and throwing everything together with eggs and fresh goat cheese for the perfect fresh summer dinner.
Sometimes we forget how easy it is to pull together a simple and elegant meal quickly on a weeknight.  Thanks, Jodi for reminding us!


I was hungry.  I needed something quick before dinner.  I didn't feel like chopping or peeling or sauteing or even microwaving.  I just wanted a 2-second jolt of protein. Into the pantry, wading through the options, ah, now, that's perfect.  Cranked back the top of the tin, settled in with some crackers, and I was good to go.
Ah yes, even on a weeknight, sometimes it's nice to open up your pantry and be adventurous.  I'm sure we all have an ingredient just hanging out in there that we haven't tried yet - tonight might be the night to try it out!


Cookthink helps you feel smarter in the kitchen. An innovative cooking website with delicious recipes and helpful kitchen tips, Cookthink is pulled together by a one-of-a-kind recipe search tool.With the tool, you can search for recipes using ingredients, dish types, cuisines and moods so that we can help answer the question: What are you craving?
Still at a loss for inspiration?  Try a search based on your mood - perhaps you're feeling lazy and want something soothing?  Or maybe you're busy and want something quick.  Or perhaps you're feeling ambitious and want decadent and impressive.  Cookthink's got ideas for every mood. What tips do you have for cooking for one?

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