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The Whole Deal's Meals for Two

Sure two's company but coming up with ideas for feeding two on a budget every day may turn the best of us into someone it's best to avoid. That's where The Whole Deal meal planners come in. Our week long meal plan for two paves the way for delicious, affordable meals and takes the pressure off of you. Sit back and enjoy:

MONDAY: Veggie Monday

greens_carrots_feta_riceTry our Winter Greens with Carrots, Feta Cheese and Brown Rice recipe. And then have sliced organic navel oranges with honey and nuts. Leftovers are great for lunch.

TUESDAY: Quick Chicken Noodle

Create this quick, hearty soup with 365 Everyday Value® Egg Noodles (a Sure Deal! at $1.99 for 16 oz) cooked in chicken broth. Add sautéed chopped onion, carrot, celery and chicken tenders. Add frozen peas, warm and serve with a sprinkle of parsley.


Make chili with crunch by starting with a chili option that suits your time and budget: buying prepared from the deli, making your own by adding canned beans and canned tomatoes to seasoned ground meat, or making your own from scratch with dried beans. Serve over tortilla chips with a sprinkle of 365 Everyday Value® Traditional Greek Style Feta in Brine (another Sure Deal!) and chopped scallions.

THURSDAY: 2010 Comfort Food

quinoa_cornbreadA simplified chicken dinner is this easy: Sauté sliced chicken sausage (the in-store value guide has a coupon) with lots of peppers, onions and chopped organic broccoli. Serve over quinoa or Quinoa Cornbread.

FRIDAY: Fancy Fish Dish

chard_wrapped_salmonMake a romantic dinner of Swiss Chard-Wrapped Salmon. Serve with quick cooking 365 Everyday Value® Frozen Rice (a Sure Deal! at $2.99 for 20 oz) tossed with toasted slivered almonds. Don't forget the wine, and have My Fruity Nutty Chocolate Valentine for dessert.

WEEKEND: Soup Bowl Party (get it?)

Make a big pot of soup and set up a grilled-cheese making station, inviting friends to bring creative fillings (your bread coupon is in the in-store value guide) and beer - stout, ale or lager - that pairs with the cheese. The Whole Deal also has weekly meal plans for one and four, as well as lots of money-saving tips. And of course it is always filled with coupons-some of them are online! Now share your tasty weeknight meals for two.

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screwdestiny says …

Thanks so much for this! It's just me and my boyfriend and finding recipes for two is often rather difficult. I appreciate you guys realizing this and helping us out.

NewTampa says …

Great plan! Please keep this going as it makes the 40 minute drive to the local Whole Foods worth it.

Laurie Dean says …

This is a great feature on your website! What a great way to try something new each week and to be able to plan and shop efficiently. Looking forward to the new menus!