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Whole Planet Travels to Facatativa, Colombia

Steve Wanta sends us this video from Facatativa, Colombia where the Whole Planet Foundation team is doing a feasibility study to determine whether the foundation can support and sustain a microcredit loan program.

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says …

@Jen Through the use of microcredit, Whole Planet Foundation's mission is to create economic partnerships with the poor in those developing-world communities that supply our stores with product. However, this does not mean that we, as a company, do not also support our local producers. On the contrary, we have a program that offers similar loans locally - the Local Producer Loan Program (http://tr.im/lplp). From the website: Whole Foods Market's Local Producer Loan Program (LPLP) provides up to $10 million in low-interest loans to small, local producers. Why? Because we believe in supporting local farmers and producers. We want to make it easier for them to grow their businesses and bring more local products to market. That’s good for us and it’s good for you. Loans range from $1,000 to $100,000 and can be for things like purchasing more animals, investing in new equipment or converting to organic production. We minimize the fees, interest rates and paperwork that can often get in the way of a small local farm or business taking the next step to expand its operations.

Kerry Bergen says …

Children in Albuquerque, New Mexico have been making small dolls and donating them to raise money for Whole Planet. They have made dolls from Ethiopia, Guatamala and Central America. Each little doll is made from a clothes pin and some cloth and all materials are donated by local organizations. We now have 100 dolls so far and continue to support Whole Planet. We hope to have the first sale by November 2009! Children love to help other children in other countries! The children make the dolls at city events and schools.

Jen says …

To Whom It May Concern at Whole Planet Foundation: I receive your feed and always take note of your good deeds in the world. However, I don't ever see WHOLE PLANET taking care of business in the United States. My mom has created one of the greatest Toddler and kids organic meals line of food (with products bought from WHOLE FOODS) and because of lack of finances, cannot take it to market. When will you be able to contribute to people like her who cannot afford to get a loan because of lack of collateral and so forth. Her plans include to give away as much as she can to help the hungry children in the world, but she can't seem to locate anyone who gives out grants to help her get started. Thanks for any information on where we, US citizens, who use Whole Foods products can obtain the help needed. Jen

Brad Bradley says …

Whole Trade is indicative of what Whole Foods Market is about in creating sustainable opportunity with a world reach. Thanks for being who you are.

Daniel Sullivan says …

Steve, Very inspirational! A very nobel cause! If the corporate world as a whole, had this level of involvement, I believe world wide poverty could be eliminated. Keep it up. These are the type of life choices that individauls make, that really make a differance in poor peoples lives which have a lasting impact down through the future generations of these communitees.