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Win a Lemonade Stand Gift Basket

By Cathy Cochran-Lewis, May 30, 2011  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Cathy Cochran-Lewis
THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED AND WE'LL BE ANNOUNCING A WINNER SOON. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE COMMENTS! When summer gives you lemons, we say make one of summer’s best coolers: lemonade! When the heat is on and the kids are looking for something to do this summer, a lemonade stand may be just the answer for fun and a sure-fire thirst-quenching activity. Lemonade stands are synonymous with summer and can teach kids a few business skills, get them outdoors and even help them support a good cause by donating the proceeds. Ready for business? Perfect for the young entrepreneur in us all, this gift basket contains everything you need to serve up lemonade with a smile. Enter your comment by June 14th telling us how you make your favorite summer beverage for a chance to win our Summer’s Best Lemonade Stand Gift Basket. One winner will be randomly selected to receive the Summer’s Best Lemonade Stand Gift Basket, a $100 value, plus a $50 gift card so you can pick up fresh lemons and other special ingredients to make your stand the best. Here’s what you’ll find in the basket:
  • 2 BPA-free Reusable Cups with Straw
  • Good Grips Large Wooden Slotted Spoon
  • Good Grips Large Wooden Spoon
  • 365 Everyday Value Organic Cane Sugar
  • 365 Everyday Value Clear Plastic Cups
  • Good Grips Citrus Juicer
  • Simply Organic Cocoa Brownie Mix
  • Dr. Oetker Organic Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix
  • Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade
  • Santa Cruz Organic Cherry Lemonade
So tell us about your favorite summer beverage in the comments below by June 14th for a chance to win a lemonade stand gift basket. Enjoy Summer’s Best! THE CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED AND WE'LL BE ANNOUNCING A WINNER SOON. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE COMMENTS!


1 Comment


Danielle Hull says ...
My favorite is sweet tea, but I'm cutting back on sugar, so I've been buying lemons and limes to squeeze into my water.
06/07/2011 7:12:50 AM CDT
Alyssa says ...
My favorite summer drink is fresh watermelon juice! Had it a lot while doing humanitarian work abroad. Best. Drink. Ever. Although, no matter how hard I try, I can't exactly replicate the yummy stuff I had then.
06/04/2011 2:52:55 AM CDT
Larry Hance says ...
Arnold Palmers all around
06/08/2011 7:29:14 AM CDT
Rachel says ...
Fresh brewed mint tea from my garden with organic honey and homemade strawberry ice cubes!
06/08/2011 7:30:05 AM CDT
Stacey K says ...
Love me some lemonade and ice tea - nothing better any day of the week!
06/05/2011 6:32:33 PM CDT
MA says ...
Mojitos! There are good recipes by Michael Chiarello and Tyler Florence. They are amazing.
06/06/2011 9:23:07 AM CDT
Kerri says ...
I enjoy brewing tea and having lots of ice on hand. My favorite is Tazo Passion tea for the summer.
05/30/2011 5:33:13 AM CDT
Mark S says ...
Club soda with a lime is always delicious and refreshing. My wife and I have also been trying all the different flavors of the Santa Cruz organic lemonade and it is quite delicious.
05/30/2011 7:07:15 AM CDT
brenda foley says ...
Summer means homemade hot brewed iced tea, with organic sugar and organic lemons.
06/05/2011 2:30:43 PM CDT
Stephanie Caron says ...
Smoothies!!!! I use 1 cup of strawberries 3/4 Cup of spring water A few splenda 1 banana 5 Ice cubes 1 cup of fat free vanilla yogurt mmmm Strawberry Banana smoothies!! Low fat and so refreshing!
06/06/2011 8:26:45 AM CDT
Heather says ...
I have a strawberry lemonade recipe I've been wanting to try, but it's hard to change when the standard lemonade is so refreshing in the summer.
06/05/2011 4:34:18 PM CDT
Christine says ...
Nothing can beat a margarita in the summertime.
06/05/2011 6:01:52 PM CDT
Tonya C says ...
My Family And Friends Alike Have Come Accustomed to My Famous Tea, I Will more than Likely Add Lemonade to my Summer Beverage.My recipe For My Tea Is 2-Large Tea Bags, 1 cinnamon stick for Steaping,1/2 cup of Welches Flavored Juice, And an Additional 1/2 cup OF Sugar. Once I boil a small Pot of water, I remove it from the Stove, add the Cinamon stick and Tea Bags. cover with a lid allow to Sit covered for 20 min. In the Mean time add your Juice and sugar to your Jug, Once the Tea has steaped for 20 min, Drain tea bags remove cinnamon stick and Discard. Add steaped tea to sugar and welches and Water to Jug, Shake to mix throughly Wha_lah.Enjoy It will Blow you away, In a Good Way!!!!
06/02/2011 2:02:00 AM CDT
lynne cahill says ...
Iced cold lemonade,tons of ice,a chilled glass-it doesnt get better than that as a summer treat!
06/05/2011 10:16:39 AM CDT
Kimberly M. says ...
I'm Southern so iced tea is always on the menu, but especially so in summer!
06/05/2011 10:23:41 AM CDT
Koatney says ...
Green tea with mint & honey. Truly quench your thirst on a hot summer day.
06/02/2011 10:32:21 PM CDT
Jodee Rajkowski says ...
I make my own ice cubes with fresh mint and I toss those into my sun tea! Delicious!!!!
06/02/2011 3:39:52 PM CDT
Margaret says ...
My favorite summer, winter, and fall beverage is a summery homemade margarita. The key ingredient is real fresh squeezed limes. After that, it's great fun to improvise with summer fruits such as watermelon and strawberries. The possibilities are endless.
06/05/2011 4:49:00 PM CDT
karen sacksteder says ...
1/2 Lemonade and 1/2 sprite with small amount of cherry juice mix together with lemon and lime slices floating in it! pour over ice!!
06/05/2011 4:57:42 PM CDT
kim creaney says ...
Moms are always looking for treats that our kids will like and that are good for their growing bodies and minds. Lemonade, made with real,wholesome ingrediants, is the all around winner!My son is 13, 5 ft. 9 in. tall and always outside rnning, roller blading, swimming etc. He gets hot, sweaty and THIRSTY! He has always loved lemonade, or lemonlade as he called it when he was little. Bring on summer and bring on lots of ice cold lemonade!
05/31/2011 9:48:49 AM CDT
jim c says ...
Tazo passion-ditto
06/02/2011 4:43:51 AM CDT
Mary Skinner says ...
My favorite summer beverage has got to be freshly brewed iced tea with a mint sprig and wedge of lemon (no sugar for me). It a clear and clean taste, and if the tea is organic we are even getting a healthy kick to it!
06/02/2011 4:46:51 AM CDT
Terri says ...
Nothing says summer like a nice tall glass of white sangria loaded with fresh fruit!
06/02/2011 9:13:26 AM CDT
Robert says ...
Sweet tea.... what else would it be! Cool and refreshing!
06/02/2011 5:15:58 AM CDT
robin says ...
Do snow cones count as a beverage? We have a fun little snow cone maker. We add fresh fruit to flavor the icy treats. We love Whole Foods!
06/02/2011 5:19:07 AM CDT