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W.S. Badger & Whole Trade Guarantee

Whole Trade® Guarantee is a Whole Foods Market® supplier certification program that makes it easy for you to shop with conscience. Learn firsthand how the W.S. Badger Company transitioned their products to fair trade and earned the Whole Trade partner seal. Rebecca Hamilton is Director of Product Development for the W.S. Badger Company and has a background in fair trade supply chains.

Products from the W.S. Badger Company carry the Whole Trade Guarantee seal, which is a strict supplier certification program at Whole Foods Market:
  • Badger has a long-standing commitment to the ethical sourcing of ingredients.
  • In 2006, Badger certified their first line of products to fair trade standards.
  • Working with the Whole Trade Guarantee was one more logical step toward ensuring that every one of their ingredients is ethically sourced.
Badger is well respected in the industry for their strong commitment to high quality and organic ingredients:
  • Badger is an established organic brand, so as they move toward sourcing more and more fair trade ingredients, they still ensure that each ingredient meets the existing standards they have in place.
  • When they cannot find a key ingredient that is both fair trade and organic, they work with their current supplier and with the fair trade certifiers towards getting the farm fair trade certified.
To transition their products to earn fair trade labeling, Badger works through their supply chain:
  • They started with their core ingredients, which make up 70 to 90% of their products and approach their long-standing suppliers to first see if they are willing to undergo a fair trade or fair labor certification.
  • For new ingredients, they search for currently certified fair trade and organic ingredients.
  • Badger’s goal over the next two years is to have greater than 70% fair trade ingredients in every one of their products.
Whole Trade Guarantee helps support the long-term fair trade vision for Badger products:
  • Badger’s vision is to continue to source fair trade ingredients whenever possible, and to create the possibility for fair trade ingredients where they are not currently available.
  • Whole Trade Guarantee has given Badger added inspiration in a partner that is as committed to fair trade as they are.
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Alexandra says …

I absolutely love the Badger brand and am very thankful that Whole Foods sells their products :)

WholeDude says …

I am very pleased to read about Fair Trade and Whole Trade Guarantee. This certification is very important and helps customers like me to make informed choices while we shop. I believe that man is constituted as a moral being with the ability called discernment; the ability to distinguish right from wrong, and the ability to know the difference between good and bad. Moral concerns lead to the establishment of ethical principles. I have to be fair in my shopping decisions for I am always the part of the 'Whole' and not an island unto myself.

Clyde Hamrick says …

The Badger brand's insistence on conforming to their principles, and a fair and healthy supply chain mechanism is really what makes it so popular. At a time when more and more market brands are trying to get the consumer's attention by hook or by crook, the Badger brand's honesty really stands out.