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Five Nutrition Pros Dish on Their Top Tailgating Picks

By Kathy K. Downie, RDN, January 18, 2017  |  More Posts by Kathy K. Downie, RDN

Updated 1/18/2017

Tailgating — the act of carting, sometimes cooking and sharing good food (and, hey, a beer or two) onsite before a football game — excites some fans as much as the actual football game. Unfortunately, the tasty pastime is not known to be the healthiest fall tradition. Read on for five nutrition experts’ ideas for portable crowd-pleaser (healthy) foods any fan can cheer for.

Oaxacan Guacamole with Chopped Vegetables for healthy tailgating

Oaxacan-Style Guacamole Recipe

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Cozy, Flavorful Winter Recipes Plus 5 Pantry Must-Haves

By Molly Siegler, January 18, 2017  |  More Posts by Molly Siegler

As a classically trained chef, Food Editor Molly Siegler coordinates the creation and curation of recipes and other food content for Whole Foods Market. (Catch Molly’s cooking videos on YouTube!) We asked Molly to share some of her favorite new recipes coming out of our test kitchen.

Let’s talk pantry staples, shall we? Around this time of year, being prepared to cook is half the battle. Not only do you need the right ingredients on hand to make quick work of dinner, but you also need recipes that do double

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Try the Trend: Wellness Tonics

By Meirav Devash, January 13, 2017  |  More Posts by Meirav Devash

When all your coolest friends are more likely to be seen at an edgy Friday night Spin class than at the nightclub, it’s only natural that the trendiest drinks are health-supportive, not hangover-inducing. We’ve got all the details on these tasty beverages, plus their history, potential health benefits, and how to whip them up at home.

What Are Wellness Tonics, Anyway?

Wellness tonics (sometimes also called health tonics, herbal tonics or immunity tonics) do more than quench thirst — they’re the latest way to tune up your body’s internal

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More than 26 Reasons to Add Cauliflower to Your Menu

By Whole Story Editors, January 9, 2017  |  More Posts by Whole Story Editors

Cauliflower has been getting a lot of attention in recent years for good reason — this humble veggie has lots of meal possibilities! It can be roasted, mashed, steamed and pulsed, and it’s been making an appearance in classic comfort food preparations from pizza to mac and cheese. Plus, cauliflower is one of the richest, nuttiest tasting vegetables and an excellent source of vitamin C. So whether you're trying to add more vegetables into your day or are looking to avoid grains, put cauliflower on your plate.

How to Select and Store Cauliflower

Cauliflower comes in shades of white, orange, green and purple. (Find out why purple cauliflower is having a moment!)

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Top 5 Healthier Cooking Techniques

By Alice K. Thompson, January 6, 2017  |  More Posts by Alice K. Thompson

Choosing healthy ingredients is just the start. How you cook your foods is vitally important to developing satisfying flavor while keeping added fat (which can rack up excess calories) in check. The good news? You’re probably already familiar with most of these techniques, and you probably already have all the kitchen equipment you need.

Baking in Parchment Paper

By folding your ingredients (fish is most common) into a parchment parcel and then baking it, you’ll seal in juices — and that means moist and delicious results as well (

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