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How Much Do You Really Know About Sunscreen?

By Jody Villecco, May 25, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Jody Villecco


Spending time outdoors in the sun can be nourishing on many levels, yet at the same time, we know that the sun is a source of UV radiation that has been linked to skin cancer, cataracts and visible signs of aging. These can build up from continued exposure to the sun, with the severity of the effects dependent upon the timing and pattern of sun exposure, which is especially critical during childhood. UVB and UVA radiation are the two kinds of concern. UVB consists of shorter waves and is responsible for sunburn, while UVA is comprised of longer waves that can pass through glass windows and clouds to penetrate deep within the connective tissue causing skin damage and wrinkles....

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Discover New Favorites: Wine in a Can

By Lindsay Robison, May 24, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Lindsay Robison

West Side Wine Co

True story, I’ve had to abandon two separate corkscrews at the airport over the years. I had a travel corkscrew in my purse for wine “emergencies” (such as bringing a bottle of wine to a house that — gasp — didn’t have a corkscrew) and then forgot to take it out before traveling. So imagine my excitement that wine in a can not only exists, but it’s delicious. Now I can enjoy a sip of my favorite adult beverage and leave the corkscrew at home!

Canned wine is one of the top wine trends for 2016, and it’s easy to see why. It’s convenient — no unfinished bottles losing potential on the kitchen counter, and no corkscrew or glasses required. For laid-back summer...

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Daily Dish: Tuesday

By Whole Story Editors, May 24, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Whole Story Editors

Chocolate stout #cupcakes with whiskey filling & homemade Irish cream frosting.

Photo Credit: @mayihavethatrecipe

Every day our plates get filled with news from the world of food. Here’s what our editors found most interesting today. 

Ice Cream for All

Who screams for ice cream? We do! Pure Wow has a genius party trick for serving up ice...

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Cool New Ways to Enjoy Grapes

By Lindsay Robison, May 24, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Lindsay Robison

To me, grapes are an ideal low maintenance, super sweet treat that I can eat day after day. And in the summer, each bite of juicy grape sweetness is an essential way to keep me — and my toddler — smiling after a long day in the sun. While we both love a simple, cold grape straight out of the fridge (and with our busy go-go-go lifestyle, that’s an easy snack that is a must!), I also enjoy incorporating them into my favorite recipes to keep the cool, easygoing grape attitude lasting beyond snack time. My picks for a grape summer dish lineup include:

Fancy Ants on a Log

Fancy Ants on a...

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Make Your Pesto the Best-o: Recipes to Riff On

By Megan Myers, May 23, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Megan Myers

Basic pesto ingredients

Learn to Cook: Simple Pesto Recipe

Pesto and summer go together like, well, basil and parmesan. This tasty, zesty condiment is begging to be used all over your picnic menu. From a classic caprese to grilled meats, pesto can brighten up your plate in so many ways.

Plus, you don’t need to be worried about keeping to a recipe. One of the great things about pesto is that you can customize it to your tastes or what you...

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