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Our Quality Standards: No Artificial Colors or Flavors

By Paige Brady, January 20, 2015  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Brady

We don’t sell just anything. Really. Everything in our stores has to meet our quality standards, or we won’t carry it.

In this series we’re giving you the inside scoop on our process, and some of our most fundamental standards –...

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Sensational Flaxseeds

By Alana Sugar, January 19, 2015  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Alana Sugar

Whole Grain Pancakes with Chia and Flaxseeds

Nobody ever talked about super foods when I was growing up, so I had no idea about omega-3 fatty acids or flaxseeds. These days, flaxseeds are practically a pantry staple beloved by health researchers, doctors and nutritionists for its beneficial omega-3 fatty...

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What to Make This Week

By Megan Myers, January 18, 2015  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Megan Myers

With all that you have going on in your life, cooking dinner shouldn’t be difficult. To help you get a good meal on the table, we’ve done all the work of meal planning for you. Try one or all of these dishes this week.

Turbot and Spinach Gratin

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New Year, New Vegan Recipes

By Megan Myers, January 17, 2015  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Megan Myers

Vegan Tempeh and Veggie Lasagna

We eat a wide variety of foods in my house, thanks in part to my never-ending desire to try new things. Although I was a very picky eater as a child, these days there’s almost nothing I’ll say no to, which means I’ve...

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8 Favorite Sugar-Conscious Recipes

By Paige Schilt, January 16, 2015  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Schilt

There are plenty of reasons to limit your sugar intake — from managing diabetes to watching your weight. If you’re trying to reduce added sugars in your diet, you’re probably already avoiding some of the usual suspects, such as soft drinks and candy. But added sugars can lurk in some unexpected places, such as tomato sauce, salad dressing, dairy products and bread.

Check out our Sugar Conscious resources for tips on identifying hidden sources of sugar on ingredient lists, and then dig into some of our favorite sugar-conscious recipes that have 4 grams or less of total sugar per serving:


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