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Get to Know Moringa

By Megan Myers, June 17, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Megan Myers

So you’re curious about what’s hot in the kitchen. You’ve been experimenting with hemp seedsDIY plant milks and veggie noodles. What's the latest trend to add to your list? Moringa!

What is Moringa?

The moringa is a tree native to the southern Himalayas, and grown in places like India, Indonesia, Thailand and Africa as a food source. The leaves, roots, seeds and seedpods (called drumsticks) are all eaten in various ways across South Asia.

Leaves are used like spinach or dried for...

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5-Ingredient Summer Meals

By Megan Myers, June 15, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Megan Myers

Because all of these recipes use only five ingredients (or fewer!), you get to enjoy the full flavor of each one. Simple recipes like these are a great way to introduce you and your family to new flavors without making a big dent in your budget. Ready to plan the perfect summer meal? Try some of these easy 5-ingredient recipes:

Coconut Milk Grilled Chicken Recipe
This juicy chicken marinates while you’re at work, so you just need to toss it on the grill at dinnertime.


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New Approaches to Ending Food Waste

By Paige Schilt, June 14, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Schilt

You know that stalk of celery that’s gone limp in your crisper? The lettuce or beets or meat you kept meaning to eat? Now imagine all the limp celery in all the fridges across the country. About one-third of the world’s food is lost or wasted before it can be consumed, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. That’s not just food going to waste. The land, labor, water and energy used to grow, transport and prepare that food is wasted, too. As the National Resources Defense Council puts it: “Wasting food wastes everything.”


But lost resources are only one part of the big picture. “Food waste is the single largest component going into municipal...

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Crazy Cool Ice Cream Hack: Homemade Chocolate Shell

By Marie Guggedahl, June 13, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Marie Guggedahl

From tracking down the perfect kitchen to making sure there are enough lemons to dress the set, Marie Guggedahl deems no detail too small when it comes to Whole Foods Market’s cooking series, Freshly Made. As the associate producer, it’s her job to make sure the shoots run smoothly, which sometimes means being head taste tester on set. We asked her to share one of her favorite new recipe videos...

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Bacon: Stand Alone Success or Recipe Rockstar?

By Lindsay Robison, June 13, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Lindsay Robison

Bacon has reached rockstar fame—and for good reason. (It’s really, really good!) But while I would eat bacon every morning for breakfast if I could, it’s even more special when I manage to save some cooked pieces from the hungry bacon scavengers in my house to use in a recipe. Here are seven surprising ways to use bacon that will really wow you:

Bacon bread recipe

Bacon Bread Recipe
A savory tea bread your friends will demand the recipe for — if you share any with them!


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