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DIY Seed Starters: Turn Trash into a Garden Treasure

By Megan Myers, April 11, 2015  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Megan Myers

With the season’s egg dyeing and deviled-egg eating, chances are you’re starting to collect a few extra egg cartons around the house. Don’t throw them away!

With a little help from ScrapKins and Whole Kids Foundation™, you can easily turn those cardboard pods into seed starters for your spring garden.

Download the Scrapkins Seed Starter instructions...

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Mommy Makes: Berry Beet Parfait

By Christine O'Connor, April 10, 2015  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Christine O'Connor

In this ongoing blog series, Christine, a budget-minded mom and Whole Foods Market team member, explores ways to create healthy, organic foods that appeal to both child and husband. Read the other posts in her ongoing series.

When the weather warms, I lean towards light meals with lots of fresh vegetables. I also crave fruit-filled desserts. I recently asked myself, “Would it be crazy to add vegetables to my favorite dessert?” Turns out the answer is “no” and the result was surprisingly delightful: berry beet parfaits.

This is my second experiment with beets. In September of 2013, I set off on a beet revolution to add red beets to bread. So adding them to a dessert seemed like a good next step for me and my family.

The key to this recipe is making sure that the beets play nicely with the...

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Go Vegan for a Day

By Alice K. Thompson, April 10, 2015  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Alice K. Thompson

Vegan Portobello Muffaletta

Vegan Portobello Muffaletta

Exactly how many animal products are you relying on? And if you changed, would you miss them? Going vegan for a day (or two!) is a great way to get first-hand answers to these questions, plus discover terrific new dishes and tasty ingredients. Try it alone, or join with friends and family for the adventure.


The first place you might face a vegan-day challenge is finding a substitute for dairy in your morning coffee or on cereal....

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Spring Cleaning with Standards

By Elizabeth Leader Smith, April 9, 2015  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Elizabeth Leader Smith

365 Cleaners

I love a clean house. Wiped down countertops. Clean dishes. Folded laundry. That’s my jam, but colder weather kept my two kids and Labrador mostly indoors making a mess of the house. Now the sun is out, my kids are spending more time outside, and it’s time to clean up.

Ever wonder what's in your cleaning products? Currently, the US government does not mandate full disclosure of ingredients on cleaning products, so it can be hard to know. To help you make informed choices, Whole Foods Market developed the Eco-Scale rating system, a third-party verified rating for environmental impact, safety, sourcing, animal...

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The Very Versatile Roasted Chicken

By Megan Myers, April 8, 2015  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Megan Myers

Spring Rotisserie Chicken Sandwiches

Spring Rotisserie Chicken Sandwiches

Like many folks, I’m often strapped for time. Between work, housework, gardening, picking up my kids from school, helping with homework, and extracurriculars, I often can’t find time to remember to breathe, let alone figure out dinner!

That’s why I often turn to grabbing an organic roasted chicken from the Prepared Foods department. Not only do I not have to worry about spending the hours it takes to roast a chicken, I don’t...

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