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Talking Knees, Healthy Snacks and Sleep with Soccer Player Carli Lloyd

By Phil West, July 8, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Phil West

We’re thrilled to partner with soccer champion Carli Lloyd to talk all things food, fitness and fun. We recently quizzed the athlete about her tips for staying well and fueling her fitness. Read more about Carli’s day-to-day healthy eating and her top tips on workout nutrition.  

What advice do you have for people who want to be more active?

I would say taking some fun classes can make being active more enjoyable.  I think the biggest hurdle for people trying to lose weight or start a healthy lifestyle is that they don’t know what to do when they get to the gym. Finding a class...

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Get to Know Dehydrated Fruit

By Megan Myers, July 8, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Megan Myers

A favorite for granola, trail mix, or just plain snacking, dehydrated fruit is a sweet and chewy snack that satisfies. It’s especially great for summertime travel, so grab some fruit and get drying!

What is it?

Dehydrated fruit is fruit that has been dried in an electric dehydrator or in the oven on a low temperature for a long time. Removing the excess water from the fruit makes it extra sweet and chewy, and it helps preserve the fruit so you can savor it longer!

Larger dehydrated fruits are typically sliced thin, while berries can be dried whole. The thicker your fruit, the longer it will take to dehydrate.

How to Enjoy Dehydrated Fruit

Making your own dehydrated...

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Put on your Sundae Best! Bloggers Share Their Best Ice Cream Tips to Celebrate National Ice Cream Day

By Whole Story Editors, July 8, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Whole Story Editors

National Ice Cream Day is coming up on Sunday, July 17. To mark the occasion, we asked some of our favorite food bloggers (including our own Food Editor, Molly Siegler!) to share some of their best pics, advice, and crazy delicious recipes. Don’t eat dairy? Don’t worry! We’ve got tasty ways for you to celebrate, too.

Photo: @OhLadyCakes

Ice cream aficionado: Ashlae W
Blog: Oh Ladycakes
Most delicious ice cream you’ve ever tasted: “Lucuma-flavored ice cream in Peru, made from the tropical fruit. Sometime in the not so distant future, I'll be...

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Discover New Favorites: Biodynamic Rice

By Paige Schilt, July 8, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Schilt

For rice farmer Lance Benson, the secret to great-tasting pot of rice is…soil. “If we can make the soil better, then the resulting crops are better,” he explains. “They produce a higher quality food.” Lance puts soil first on his 300-acre farm in Biggs, California, where he grows intensely flavorful Biodynamic Organic Short-Grain Brown Rice and Biodynamic Organic Sushi Rice for Lundberg Family Farms.

What is Biodynamic?

Biodynamic agriculture is an ecological approach that views the ideal farm as a self-sustaining organism. Like organic farmers, biodynamic farmers avoid synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides. In addition, biodynamic farmers strive to reduce the volume of imported resources (such as...

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Harpoon-caught Swordfish: A Deep Dive with the Marine Stewardship Council

By Paige Schilt, July 7, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Schilt

July is peak grilling season, a time when seafood-lovers’ thoughts naturally turn to swordfish. This firm and meaty fish won’t fall apart on the grill, and its slightly sweet taste pairs perfectly with smoky flavors from the flames. Swordfish are migratory creatures, and July usually finds schools of swordfish off the coast of Nova Scotia. In the 1990s, however, the population of North Atlantic swordfish was dwindling—along with a whole way of life for local fishing families.

To get the story of how North Atlantic swordfish made a comeback, we sat down with Jon Corsiglia, U.S. Media Manager for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). The MSC works to promote sustainable fishing and safeguard seafood supplies for future generations. In 2010, Nova Scotia’s harpoon fleet became the first swordfish fishery to be certified...

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