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Get the Scoop on Supplements: Our Expert Shares Her Top Six Picks

By Paige Schilt, January 2, 2017  |  More Posts by Paige Schilt

Updated January 2, 2017

Whole BodyThe world of dietary supplements can be a bit intimidating. Between ancient folk wisdom and scientific advancements, it seems like there’s always more to learn about the vitamins, herbs, powders and potions that supplement a well-rounded diet and support the body’s natural processes.

At Whole Foods Market, we pride ourselves on doing the homework for you. Just in time for our supplement sale, we sat down with Maren Giuliano, a woman who literally purchases millions of supplements per year in her role as our Executive Global Whole Body Coordinator. 

Maren’s Must-Haves

Maren’s selections are geared toward a busy,

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How to Supercharge Your Smoothie

By Alice K. Thompson, December 22, 2016  |  More Posts by Alice K. Thompson

strawberry almond butter smoothie recipe

Strawberry Almond Butter Smoothie Recipe

A smoothie can be breakfast, a snack, or a pre- or post-workout refueling tool. Whether you order from your local Whole Foods Market juice bar or shop for ingredients and blend at home, these frosty beverages are a tasty way to add extra nutrients into your daily routine. Read on for our expert tips, tricks and smoothie shopping lists.

Pick Your Produce

The USDA recommends 1-1 ½ cups of fruit per day for kids

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Let's Get Real About Grocery Shopping

By Whole Story Editors, December 21, 2016  |  More Posts by Whole Story Editors

chopping vegetables eat real food

The weekly grocery trip has become a hassle. You can’t put just anything in your cart and end up with a delicious dinner. It’s now a minefield of ingredients you can’t pronounce and processed foods that taste … well, let’s just say flavors not found in nature.

Grocery shopping should be easy. In fact, it should be a no-brainer. We believe that the food we put on our shelves should be based in part on what isn't in them. You won't find any of these "ingredients" in any of the food we sell:

  • No high fructose corn syrup,
  • No hydrogenated fats,
  • No added growth hormones* in our fresh meat,
  • No artificial preservatives,
  • No artificial
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Resolving to Eat Better and Be Healthier? Here’s How to Stick to Your 2017 Goals

By Whole Story Editors, December 21, 2016  |  More Posts by Whole Story Editors

fruits and vegetables and bulk grains eat real food

When the clock strikes midnight on December 31st, people everywhere set out to make big changes. But while the resolutions might differ from person to person — some want to eat better, some want to feel less stressed, some want to become a 5-day-a-week exerciser — one thing tends to be the same: Most people will go back to their old ways before the end of January.

But what if this year is different? What if you manage to stick to your new habit, feeling healthier and happier all year long? You can do it — you might just need to tweak your strategy a bit. Here are five ways to help you do just that.

1. Put Pen to Paper


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Snack Solutions to Satisfy Every Craving

By Whole Story Editors, December 21, 2016  |  More Posts by Whole Story Editors

Homemade Veggie Chips and Dip Recipe

Homemade Veggie Chips and Dip Recipe

Looking to beat snack-time boredom and discover delicious wholesome choices? From sweet to salty to nutty to chewy, we’ve gathered our favorite grab-and-go products, better-for-you foods and easy recipes to satisfy your cravings.

Whole Foods 

Shop the produce department and bulk aisle for fruits, veggies, whole grains and healthy fats — they’re the building blocks for smart snacking. Here are some tasty ideas:

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