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Coming Soon: At the Fork, A New Documentary

By Whole Story Editors, June 10, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Whole Story Editors

At the Fork film chickens

What happens when a meat-eater and a vegetarian get married? If you’re award-winning filmmaker John Papola and his wife Lisa, you make a movie about the conflicts that come up at the dinner table. Instead of taking sides, At the Fork, a new documentary produced in partnership with Whole Foods Market® and the Humane Society of the U.S., serves up a balanced look at the journey animals make from the farm to our tables. Screenings begin July 13 in theaters. Click below for a sneak peek!


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How Swimmer Kirsty Coventry Eats to Stay Fit

By Whole Story Editors, June 8, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Whole Story Editors

We are thrilled to ask Kirsty Coventry, one of the world’s highest achieving female swimmers and one of Africa’s most successful athletes, about all things food and fitness. Check out the Q and A below for Kirsty’s top tips on eating well and staying hydrated, and find out how she approaches pre- and post-workout nutrition. Kirsty hails from and swims for Zimbabwe and lives and trains in North Carolina.

Photo Credit: Mike Lewis

How important do you consider your diet in the overall mix of your training and regime?
My training keeps me fit but my eating keeps me healthy. Not many swimmers have sustained competitive careers as long as I have, and I’ve done it because of the...

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Best Meat Tips from an Expert Butcher

By Paige Schilt, June 8, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Paige Schilt

Theo Weening, Whole Foods Market’s global meat buyer, has been in the meat business his whole life — literally! A native of Holland, he was born above his father’s butcher shop and grew up helping his parents tend the family store. Later, he attended butcher school and fell in love with the creativity that working with meat requires.

As a butcher’s son, Theo learned the importance of building relationships with suppliers. Today, Theo travels the world searching for farmers and ranchers who share his belief that the best meat comes from the best raising practices.

Watch this video to get a taste of Theo’s travels and get a glimpse of his carving skills.


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Top Summer Kitchen Tools

By Kate Rowe, June 7, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Kate Rowe

Say summer, and my mind goes straight to outdoor grilling and enjoying glorious warm-weather produce. And while we’re still at the beginning of the summer, now’s the moment to make sure you have the best tools for making the most of these peak-season flavors that we anticipate so eagerly. Whole Foods Market is thrilled to partner with kitchenware pros Sur La Table to bring you the scoop on essential summer tools.

Grilling Essentials

Check out our Food Editor Molly Siegler’s top five picks for summer grilling equipment. You might be surprised by a couple of these suggestions. Time to get ready for your best grilling season ever!

Top Tools for Summer Produce

For making the most of summer produce, here are a few of my favorite tools:

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How Not to Kill Your Succulent

By Anjli Mehta , June 7, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Anjli Mehta


Succulents in pots

My dream is to one day be a green thumb — one who knows the difference between annuals and perennials, one who can make sense of the soil aisle (so many choices!), one who uses words such as “tilth.” But one must start small, young grasshopper. Enter the succulent, a beautiful starter plant that has a rep for practically taking care of itself.

But I must admit, I’ve been though a couple of succulents now. I watched as they wilted, dried out, and turned a particularly depressing shade of brown, wondering how I managed to kill a plant that was supposed to be, well, un-killable. But after a little research and some patience, I think I’...

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