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Build A Better Pizza

By Kathy K. Downie, RDN, July 6, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Kathy K. Downie, RDN

Quick Pizza Margherita Pizza Recipe

Pizza is a crowd-pleaser, because most everyone can agree on some combination of blistered dough, cheese and tomatoes; plus, pizzas have the advantage of being customized for different dietary needs and preferences on one piece of dough, English muffin, pita, or whatever the crust may be. However, pizzas can be calorie bombs loaded with meats and cheeses that ratchet up the saturated fat, sodium and calories, while crowding out higher-fiber toppings, such as vegetables. Let’s think outside of the pizza box realm to help make healthier pizzas a reality for smart, quick dinners that don’...

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Favorite New Recipe: Watermelon Jerky

By Molly Siegler, July 4, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Molly Siegler

We asked Molly Siegler, our food editor, to share one of her favorite new recipes coming out of our test kitchen.

I am having a mild obsession with this super-fun Watermelon Jerky, and because the recipe uses such a low oven, I am planning to make it all summer long with no fear of heating up the kitchen. I love that this is a really savory way to have watermelon, and it ends up truly tasting like jerky because of the sea salt, black pepper and smoked paprika "cure." Seriously … my next move will be adding this to a ...

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Freshly Made: Spicy Grilled Vegan Pizzas

By Marie Guggedahl, July 4, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Marie Guggedahl

From tracking down the perfect kitchen to making sure there are enough lemons to dress the set, Marie Guggedahl deems no detail too small when it comes to Whole Foods Market’s cooking series, Freshly Made. As the associate producer, it’s her job to make sure the shoots run smoothly, which sometimes means being head taste tester on set. We asked her to share one of her favorite new recipe videos coming out of the studio. 


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Get to Know Jackfruit

By Megan Myers, July 1, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Megan Myers

You might think you’ve tried every fruit under the sun, but you might not know jack … fruit. Jackfruit is a large tropical fruit that has been making waves in vegan circles as a meat substitute. Fruit in place of meat? Yep!

What is jackfruit?

Jackfruit is a very large, heavy fruit (think watermelon size) that has a bumpy green exterior. Once cut open, it reveals small fleshy pods that surround large seeds. It has a distinctive flavor that is like the perfect smoothie blend of pineapple, papaya and banana, and might remind you of a favorite chewing gum from your childhood. Jackfruit has been popular in Asian countries for years, especially Bangladesh, where it is the national fruit.


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The Time is Ripe for Raw Foods

By Kathy K. Downie, RDN, June 30, 2016  |  Meet the Blogger  |  More Posts by Kathy K. Downie, RDN

Summer is an ideal time to embrace raw eating — there's tons of produce available, and no-cook meals and apps keep your kitchen from turning into a sauna. Beyond that, raw foods — especially produce — typically have higher levels of water-soluble nutrients like vitamin C or B vitamins that are sometimes destroyed or degraded through the cooking process. If you’re not ready to go whole-banana with a raw foods lifestyle, set a goal to eat one raw food a day to get you closer to your fruit and vegetable quota (2 1/2 cups of vegetables or 2 cups of fruit, according to dietary guidelines). Here are some easy ways to get started:


Crudité platter

Crudité is the fun French word...

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