March 2013

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October 22 is National Nut Day
Wednesday, October 22nd
12:00 AM
Whole Foods Market San Mateo,

October 22 is National Nut Day.

Most nut trees grow in warm environments, and a lot of nuts are native to the Southern Hemisphere. Here are five fun nut facts from the Australian tree nut industry group, "Nuts for Life":

– Ever wondered why you can’t find cashews sold in the shell? That’s because part of the shell contains urushiol, the same poison found in poison ivy.

- The first mention of hazelnuts can be dated back to a Chinese manuscript from 2838 BC.

- Brazil nuts are actually the seed of a very large tree found in the Amazon jungle, hence the name.

- Pistachios are the only (edible) nut that don’t need to be shelled before you roast them.

- Bitter almonds contain hydrogen cyanide. Luckily, the type of almonds consumed commercially isn't the bitter variety.

October 22 is 

October 27 National Potato Day
Monday, October 27th
12:00 AM
Whole Foods Market San Mateo,
October 27 National Potato Day
It's National Potato Day, a day of recognition for one of the world's best loved food staples. This root vegetable became one of the New World's most important discoveries. Whether you're a gourmand who likes to experiment, or simply a meat-n-potatoes kinda guy or gal, you'll find the right recipe for mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, French-fried, and on and on!
October 27 National Potato Day
October 28 is National Chocolate Day
Tuesday, October 28th
12:00 AM
Whole Foods Market San Mateo,

Get ready to melt with happiness - October 28 is National Chocolate Day!

Does it get any better than having an excuse to chow down on chocolate, one of the best indulgences on the planet, all day long? Pour yourself a cup of hot cocoa, break out the chocolate candy bars and keep a fork handy for a plate of chocolate cake - we're all chocoholics today.

We give credit to the Aztecs who first derived cacao from the cacao tree to create the original hot chocolate. They largely used it during religious events. Once European countries discovered it, they swirled sugar and milk into the mix for a sweeter (and more fattening) treat. Hot chocolate became all the rage in parlors everywhere.

Get ready to melt with hap